• Very interesting but would need to know who has any success with it first before I jumped in.  Thanks for sharing Terri.

  • Likewise. I do think that the typical Facebook user fits that profile they describe, and would probably love that product. But I am wholly convinced that Google+ is about to dominate the social media marketplace. 

    I got a little giggle out of the fact that he was using a YouTube video to talk about how much better FB was than Google! :-)


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    I feel the same way about this too. I just wanted to get some feedback from my friends here. It just amazes me how people come up with all this stuff to turn a fast buck. They have a money agenda and really don't care about people at all. When you take time to get to know people first, everything just falls into place and works out for the best. Win win all the way! 

  • Interesting. Not compelling enough for me to change my distaste for the lack of depth on Facebook, or its lack of targeting (via circles or what Facebook originally intended as "groups"). But innovative and interesting. 

  • Thanks Terri,shared on Facebook and twitter

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