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Why is Eating a part of EVERY Culture?

My grandma's (Hungarian and Ukrainian/Russian/Polish) always insisted that we come for Sunday Dinner. Are you lucky enough to have those memories or current experiences?

Ever wonder WHY they insisted we come to EAT?

When people sit around a table with FOOD, they transport themselves back to their childhoods, savoring happy memories and making memories down throughout the generations of family. It's a Human experience; it BONDS us to our family members, and more importantly it bonds us to our culture - where we come from.

My Italian side of the family always prepares Italian delicacies - home made Lasagna, Panetone (delicious cake) Pasta Sauce with Stuffed Squid, Italian Turkey, Seafood Salad ala Roma and more.

My Hungarian side of the family always prepares Brisket, Potato Kugels (puddings), Cholent (beef stew simmered for days) Apple Strudel and more.

My Ukrainian/Russian/Polish side of the family always prepares fish, perogies (sourkraut, potatoe, mushroom, home made pickles and krauts, boiled beef, beet salads and chopped chicken liver!

Are you Hungrey yet, LOL??

Every time I am with ANY of them or prepare ANY of these foods my memory cells kick in and recall with delight and LOVE the many times we all had dinners, yelling, arguing, solving world problems or family problems :-) Most of all, gathering together OVER FOOD brings us all together creating bonds and strengthening relationships.

Because I know how important this is, I am excited to share Daily Food Deals with you all, espeicially as a GIFT during this holiday season or any lifecycle events. It's the Gift that keeps on giving all year long! Very cool!
 Are You Channukah, Christmas or Kwanza Gift Shopping? Good for College Kids or Teens,Travelers (Road Warriors or Vacations) Seniors of All Ages and YOUR Family too :-) GIVE them a Daily Food Deal Restaurant SAVINGS membership APP so they can #SaveMoney EVERY TIME they Eat Out and Create Memories and Strenghten relationships too! 

Works on Apple & Android Smartphones

Questions? Want to share YOUR family dinner memories? Give me a call, I'd love to hear from you!

RS Mallory, 512.472.2604 CST

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