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Sitting On The Fence

Sitting on the fence

Are you're afraid to click on links or buy anything new and that, is keeping you from learning new things.?

 Sitting there on the fence unsure, not knowing which way to go. The truth is, that's normal, and to be expected.

I know you've heard many claims, listened to tons of unfocused advice and been overloaded with obsolete information. 

You probably feel as if you are in a whiteout or flying in the clouds. It's not your fault!

I really do understand. I was the same way, most of the info you find is useless and/or incomplete. 

I know that you're struggling along, just as I was and I want to show you, once and for all, how you can succeed simply and yes, even easily. That's what we're all after, a successful business.

Just visit: IBOToolbox provides you with a flow of targeted prospects. New members will learn how IBOtoolbox provides you the tools to get it done.
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Talk soon, I promise, when you get inside there and really check it out you will find that it's the best investment in Internet Marketing that you've ever seen. 

Brad Wheller AKA wberad – -
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Launching the Global BEM Indiegogo

campaign for ourINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Oct 10-12 Boulder, CO

This is an invitation to accelerate the release of Breakthrough Energy Technologies.

  Global BEM Indiegogo has gathered the geniuses, organized the venue, and the next step is in your hands.

CONTRIBUTE what you can,

SHARE this link with your tribes, and be part of the MOVEMENT!

We are in it for GLOBAL FREEDOM.

That was the good news.

Now A thought on ‪#‎fracking‬.

Fracking permanently poisons fresh water. We can live without gas but we won't last very long without drinking water and whatever energy we will get today from fracking, we will need tomorrow to make that poisoned water usable again.

The corporations will make their profits first poisoning the water and again making that water usable again.

Apart from the water, the land and environment will be badly damaged. What right do we have to leave this mess for future generations in the hope that we might have cheaper energy in the short term?

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Local Business Is The Way to Go

Local Business Georgetown, Ontario

Weather proof conections for the Canadian climate!

Applied Wiring (Georgetown) Inc
2 Rosetta St
Georgetown, ON L7G 3P2, Canada

Phone: 905.873.1717

Applied Wiring (Georgetown) Inc is a private company categorized under Noncurrent-Carrying Wiring Devices and located in Georgetown, ON, Canada.

Found records show it was established in 1987 and incorporated.

Wire Harnesses Lead Wire Power Cord Sets For Appliances Electronics And Automotive Assemblies.

Custom Made Assemblies.

Wire Dyeing Service.

APPLIED WIRING ASSEMBLIES INC. is a company categorized under Cable Assembly & Wire Harness.
NAICS Code -335932, Noncurrent-Carrying Wiring Device Manufacturing
Located at: Applied Wiring (Georgetown) Inc
2 Rosetta St. Georgetown, ON
L7G 3P2, Canada,

Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

Phone: 905.873.1717

Grant Turner
President & Board Member

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How to Get Here

How to Get Here

Hi this is my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

 I played Keyboards in rock band, was a groom at horse racetracks, I worked on a sailboat in Bahamas, before I was a truck driver.  I have had many different jobs and met many different people.  My second driving job was, delivering tropical fruit in Toronto and nearby towns.  And kegs of imported beer all over Ontario, cement, gravel, firewood, chicken, people, yes I even drove a school bus for ten years.  So, I can say I've been around, or at least there and back.

 Following the accident that took my left foot I decided to begin working online for a living.

  I am now trying to learn the internet business.  Whatever that means to you, depends on where you are in terms of knowledge.  Internet Knowledge and business knowledge, they are both deep subjects with many opinions.   The boys in the boiler room got me, and jacked up my debt, seems big businesses don’t want to help they just want all your money. 

Anyway, that’s how I got here and why I may not appear too professional, yet.  After getting burned, it's hard to pull the trigger again.

 I do not believe in the word can’t, technically it’s not a word.

  I am happy to have the opportunity to connect with this great group of people here at Syndication Express.  There are many here that have seen around Web town before.  This must be where the cool kids hang out. 

My website –

Also –

Thank you – Brad Wheller, aka wberad

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