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The New Gold Rush

Tool makers are always in demand. The Gold Rush of yesteryear proved that. The internet is full of marketing tool providers.(affiliates). The tool makers (affiliate owners) love this because tool providers are like the folks who panned for gold. Ther

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Thanking Youtube For The Motivation

Please Share This:

I find it odd that 3 of my "Winning Souls" videos were flagged by someone in the Youtube community which led to my Youtube account being suspended. Hmmm, all the videos talked about was loving Jesus, sharing Jesus and helping othe

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Why Do Innovators Step Up First?

An amazing invitation only conversation has captured the attention of more than 520,000 people in less than 4 weeks. I'm glad a friend valued our friendship enough to invite me. It's like being a fly on the wall in a top secret meeting. 

Q. Why do inn

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The Mobile Craze

With everything going mobile, I'm just curious to see how others are integrating their online businesses.  Love to get your perspective. 

Are you afraid?

Are you hopeful?

Are you in the game?

How would you describe where you are when it come to the mobil

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