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Is Paid Traffic Useful?

IS paid traffic any good? 

A question asked by many marketers . It can be useful .

Here are some Pros: Below

1.Can build leverage time

3.Reach the masses

4.Can double your investment .

Here are some Cons:

1.May not see the results you desire.

2. Can waste money

3. Traffic may be recycled

4.No guarantee 

My opinion.

Paid traffic sources such as Adwords Bing &Yahoo can result in massive traffic and high conversion rates. However Paid traffic is not guaranteed and your website must be able to maintain the paid traffic.

I do not suggest people buy paid traffic a replicated website. However I do recommend people  to use paid traffic on Blogs/Articles.

 Even a site Ibotoolbox, many of the traffic leaders do it to get the rank on IBO and create a good following .

What are your opinions readers.

Devin Liely "Esoteric Marketing"

PS: I have a new 10 week plan project where i would like to take between 5&10 people and help them online the 10 week plan will include.

1.Personal development

2.Reading a Ebook 

3. Addressing your purpose online

4. Learning what free & Paid tools to use.


6.Blog marketing 

7.Making income online full-time

Every thing will be a free consultation once you reach step 7 if you are ready to make money I already have a system setup for cash flow.

Private message me if you would like to be apart of the 10 week plan.


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Traffic Exchange Importance

Hello Readers 

I am sure many of you have saw traffic exchanges online before.

However you may not have understood the fundamentals of how they work. Traffic exchanges -Are a transfer in website traffic between multiple parties .

Example : If & http://Syndicationexpress.ning placed ads on one another's site to gain more exposure.

Why is traffic exchanging important?

Your site may not receive as much traffic as the person you exchange traffic with , therefore giving you backlinks to your site .

What traffic exchanges are good ?





In my next couple of post i will explain more about traffic.

Devin Liely

"Esoteric Marketing"

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Angela Backlinks

The term “Angela Backlinks” originate from its creator, Angela Edwards. Angela advocates this strategy of creating backlinks from high authority forums. High authority forums are forums with high PR (anywhere from 6 – 10).

She claims that through using this strategy alone, she’s able to rank her name “Angela” on the top 2 positions on Google SERPs! And yes, as you would’ve guessed, there are millions of competitions for this keyword! To assure you further, I’ve tried this strategy, and I can personally vouch for its effectiveness. This strategy works like magic!

I suggest becoming familiar with backlinking .Also to learn link building this will get your content seen to the masses



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Why Exactly Do People Blog

We have heard of Empower Network , Wordpress Blog, Squidoo, and many other blog sites that are equipped with content ready to get ranked.

My question is why exactly do people blog?

1.Social networking.

Blogging is one way to meet other people around the world through the cyberspace. You may share your ideas with them on certain issues and ask them to give their opinions too and even let them share significant events in their lives. You may get in touch to people that you share something in common through your blogs.


Without a doubt, blogging is another way of promoting yourself. Through the blogs you post, you can present yourself in such a way that will highlight your skills to entice potential employers. It's a make or break for you depending on how you present your blogs. As you can see, many bloggers are exerting efforts to give ideas in a scholarly manner.

3.Freedom of expression.

People write blogs for them to express themselves. Sometimes, you may have something to say on a certain current event but you don't know how to say it verbally, then the best way for you to express your opinion is through a blog post. Never mind what other people might say. At least you were able to present your point of views in a dignified manner and you're responsible with it.


Most companies post blogs to promote their products and advertise their company. Through their blogs, they invite readers to give their reviews of their products thus enabling them to determine what to focus and the areas that need improvement. They also post a blog in launching a new product line.

5. Record purposes(History).

Some people are into blogging to have a record of their personal transactions. This is their way of keeping their calendar activities updated. Through this, they can easily remember what they have done previously and what must be done for the better in the future.

Mode of communication. Sometimes people write blogs to inform their family and friends abroad of the latest happenings in their lives. This is their way of letting them know and feel that they are special to them. No matter what happens, they keep in touch with them through their blogs.

These are reason why people blog.

Devin Liely

Esoteric Marketing

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