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KARATBARS, Founder-Entrepreneur-Owner!

Since the early 80's Harald Seitz has worked as an independent financial services provider with a number of companies, where he was very successful.  In the mid 90's one company revenue reached about 60 million.

At the end of 2008, he joined a company that was a category creator in the Precious Metals business, this product fascinated him.  In just seven months Harald Seitz managed to rise to the top of that company.  HIS VISION -  GOLD for everyone in small units - World Wide! So Harald Seiz founded KARATBARS INTERNATIONAL GmbH in 2011.  The company specializes in the sale of small gold bullions and gift items with gold bullion, One-Gram-Gold-Cards, merchandise products and collectibles.

Karatbars International is now active in over 70 countries.  It is his Vision to Help people in all 194 countries obtain Gold Bullion and secure Financial Security.  Just wanted to share!

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Something to Ponder:

Isn't it funny that "paper money" originated in China...  and that all their efforts are currently focused on getting as much GOLD as possible in AS LITTLE TIME as possible...  even going as far as buying almost all the gold in the world can produce...  (and not even mentioning their own mining).

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Good Morning my Friends!

I would like to share some personal thoughts.  For years, I have joined & shared many programs with much enthusiasm and an extreme work ethic.  I have spent Hundreds of Dollars with little to no reward.  Along comes an E-Commerce company with 100,000+ members worldwide & 7 years in business. This is not MLM!  May I suggest you watch a LIVE WEBINAR, 7 days, NOON & 9 PM, est.  Start your Gold Savings Plan today! Free to register.  MY MONEY, MY TIME, MY FOCUS, MY FUTURE is KARATBARS!   Thank You!

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Happy to be among Friends!

Hi Everyone, My name is Marie E. Campolo and I live in beautiful and sunny Venice, Florida.  I am a Tea Party Patriot and a semi-retired Real Estate Broker.  For several years I have been involved with Network Marketing.  Needless to say, I have had some success and mostly no success.  Promises, Promises.  Then a very successful friend of mine introduced me to a "Gold Savings Club", Karatbars International.  Karatbars International is a financial services company that specializes in the Distribution of Gold Bullion in smaller more affordable weights.  In addition, KBI has developed a lucrative affiliate program that allows anyone to earn a full-time income by showing others how to start their own GOLD SAVINGS ACCOUNT!  If you would like to hear more you can call me - 941-244-2501 This is a TEAM CONCEPT!

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