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How To Stay Positively Positive

Sometimes life gets hard.

Do you ever feel as if the world is against you? That no matter what you do, everything seems to go wrong? How long have you felt this way? Can you pin point when things seemed to start going pear shaped?

I’ll tell you something that I really haven’t shared with many others in my lifetime.

I have not always been a positively positive person.images

You see, when I was younger, even before ‘The Secret’ was published – even before I’d ever heard of Napoleon Hill, I practised visualisation.

What child, or young person doesn’t?

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Affiliate Marketing with Pinterest


Did you know that you can use Pinterest as a ‘Shop Window’ for your Affiliate products?

I am very excited to share with you a little trick that will help boost your Affiliate sales if you take action and spend the time to firstly set up and then manage to get eyeballs to your Pinterest account.

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Affiliate Blogging

3818729301?profile=originalAs a little interlude from my Pinterest posts, I thought I would jot down some observations I have from the Blogging & Affiliate communities I have been associated with over the past 12 months or more.

Familiar faces once so chatty and active on Facebook seem to have faded into non existence and I’m wondering where they have gone.

People that I would exchange comments with, disappeared without a trace.

Are they still in cyberspace somewhere?

Are they still blogging?

How do I find out?

Many of them are my friends as well as fellow group members.

My tasks could be to contact perhaps 3 or 5 of them each day to find out where they are.

I could tag them in posts to see if they respond.

I could visit their pages, stalking them to see when they were last active online.And what would I say to them?

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Resell Rights Weekly Review

Starting out on-line as an Internet Marketer, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer can be daunting as you come across others who are promoting awesome give-away’s and value packed information products.

You may not yet have created any products of your own and are stuck on how to even get started!

You have been told that you can make money online but it seems all you are doing is spending as you purchase umpteen reports, ebooks, products that are all designed to teach you how to make it big like the people you’ve been following and admiring.

How do I know all of this? I’ve been where you are at too…

I felt helpless and useless as I didn’t have anything of value to offer people so that I could build a list of subscribers to start building a relationship with. And as we are told, the money is in your list right?

So, where do you turn to if you have nothing but you know that you are on your way to building something awesome? You desperately want an audience to send some awesome and inspirational emails to but how do you get those elusive email addresses?

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Invite Your Friends To Pinterest

Pinning is more fun with friends!


Social media is a whole lot more fun when you are able to engage with a heap of your friends – and Pinterest especially is a fun place to be when you have plenty of friends sharing their interests, recipes, favourite places and more.

So how do we get our friends to join in the fun?

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Pinterest on the Go!



Pinterest On The Go!


Some of the feedback I’ve had from readers of my ‘Pinterest For Beginners’ series is that they do not have a lot of time to pin, follow or comment with this medium.

On further investigation though, I have found that these same people use their mobile devices to access Facebook, email, google, browse, spend time on any number of apps including time wasting (although fun and relaxing) games!

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Lead Generation using Facebook

So, you’ve got a ‘Fan Page’ on Facebook. You’ve put in a bit of effort and managed to collect a few likes. You may even have been doing it for a while and may have over 100 or even more ‘likes’ on your page.

Have you done anything with those people that have liked your page? Like using the information you have in front of you for Lead Generation?

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Pinterest Ninja Pinner

Pretty Pinterest
Pretty Pinterest (Photo credit: mkhmarketing)


Pinning Takes Time.........




Something a lot of us don't have much of!


 So, how do we use Pinterest effectively if we don't have much time to pin, follow, like and comment?


 I found the answer and am currently experimenting with an 'Automated Bot' that does all of this for me!


 With a free trial period and demonstration video, the publisher of this software provides fast and friendly support.





I did have some issues downloading the .exe file to my computer but I do have a powerful fire wall/ virus detecting  program installed so a quick chat with the

support people of my Anti Virus software was able to fix that little hurdle!




Once that issue was overcome, the software was very quick and easy to install. Of course, you do need to have a Pinterest account in order to use it so if you don't

already, set one up right HERE.



Once you launch the Bot software, you will be asked to log in to your Pinterest account so don't lose your sign in info (I'd had mine set on auto sign in for so long

I forgot my password and had to reset it!)




So, what is this software?


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Pinterest Event Planning

Chapter 14: Using Pinterest To Organize Events


Now, I must admit that this is not an original idea but one that I read about and implemented with satisfactory results.

Did you know that you can invite collaborators to pin on your boards so that you can jointly add ideas, web addresses to research venues, party supplies, entertainment and more?

You can create individual boards with dedicated topics so that each aspect of your event can have it's own place.

This is particularly useful when browsing the various sites online for ideas or products, simply pin as you browse!


Each board will become a visual reference to those that are a part of organising the event - and the visual imagery leads to a more creative flow of ideas from collaborators too.

I don't know about you, but videos and images sweep me up and one leads to the next, to the next and so on as creativeness awakens and searching for ideas becomes more fine tuned.


Your pins are not restricted to only your Pinterest profile. You can link your profile to Twitter and Facebook making it extremely easy to share your ideas with anyone associated with your project. You can also scroll through the boards other collaborators have placed on their Pinterest profiles and gain more insight to direct your efforts.

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Promote with Pinterest

English: Red Pinterest logo
English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chapter 13: Promotion Techniques For Pinterest


Pinterest is a visually based social media site that focuses on users interacting based on common interests and visual appeal, rather than social circles.


This is where your social media methods must change from your techniques used on Facebook and Twitter. Leave the networking for those sites. Here, you must appeal to what people want- and ideally- what those outside of your social circles want to see.

  •  Showing off your business the Pinteresting way

Pinterest isn't just about working off of a single pin board ...........Read More

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Traffic and Pinterest

Chapter 12: Tips On Building Your Business With Pinterest


One of the biggest challenges for businesses is getting traffic to their websites and social media platforms.


With a shopfront, pay the right price for premium real estate within a business district and traffic will flow past. Grabbing the attention of passers by can be as simple as a bright eye catching poster or an in demand item on sale for a great price. Pinterest among other social media sites can be very attractive ‘shop fronts’.pinterest_for_business


So how do we attract our consumers online? How do we direct them to our sites and get them to spend with us while they are there? Is there any point of having an online presence at all? Let’s look at these questions a little more closely.

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Pinning Videos On Pinterest



I just had some great fun with this! I created a ‘Video’ board and before I add any more, I just had to share with you how easy it is to do! 



You will need:

  • Pinterest account
  • YouTube account
  • PC or Laptop
  • About 5 minutes or less :)

If you haven’t already, create a board for your videos, give it a name and a description.


Next, if you already know which video you’d like to pin, you will need the short link that leads directly to the video of your choice on YouTube. If you’ve ever shared video’s on Facebook before, you may already know how to do this.

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Pinterest automation bots

Chapter 9: Reasons For Downloading a Pinterest Adder


Chapter 6 of this series will appear HERE on Wednesday July 16th as I was invited to be an Expert Author for The Power Affiliate Club (PAC). I hope you can bookmark the PAC site and visit there often.

There is always heaps of value packed information from the Club members – you can become a member too! It’s totally free!


images (15)


Do You Need A Pinterest ‘Bot’


Having read about and researched about Pinterest automation software, this article is a short wrap up of my findings – and an invitation to share yours.

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Create Pinterest Boards

Chapter 8: Creating Your Boards On Pinterest

book picture

Today's modern internet offers a colourful variety of social blogs and social sharing websites.


Building a social blogging platform that captures the attention of web users AND quickly rises in popularity is by no means an easy feat.


Innovation and intuitiveness can help a business model, individual or application stand out in the crowd.


Pinterest is such an innovation. Beginning as an 'invitation only' website, growing from it's initial 5000 Beta users, Pinterest is now used by Facebook and Twitter account holders by simply accessing the Pinterest site through their already established social network accounts. Improvements with security and abuse reporting has made Pinterest even more user friendly with tens of thousands of users worldwide.

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Pinterest Growth

Chapter 6 of this series will appear HERE on Wednesday July 16th as I was invited to be an Expert Author for The Power Affiliate Club (PAC). I hope you can bookmark the PAC site and visit there often.

There is always heaps of value packed information from the Club members - you can become a member too! It's totally free!

book pictureChapter 7: How Fast Is Pinterest Growing?


Pinterest is regarded as an extensive simulated pin board.


The creators' goal is to be able to let people worldwide connect with each other through all the things that may interest them together.


Pinterest is a place to discover ideas for all your projects and interests, hand-picked by people like you.

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Follow Others on Pinterest

Chapter 5: How To Follow Others On Pinterest


pinterestPinterest is one of the most visually appealing and engaging Social Media sites created and utilised to it’s fullest potential, it can increase brand awareness, provide in depth insight into a business and the people that are behind it.


So, previously I explained how to GET followers. Here, I explain how to follow others – and the benefits of taking the time to do this correctly.


So, who do you follow and why?

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Get More Pinterest Followers

3818727711?profile=originalChapter 4: How To Get Pinterest Followers


Pinterest is becoming more popular among the internet social media users and will continue to grow - so, how do you get more people to follow YOU?


With so many Social Media sites screaming out for our attention and distracting us from why we are in front of our computers in the first place, we do not necessarily have time to give each application our input and activity to keep others interested.

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Chapter 3: How To Upload Videos And Images To Pinterest


While other social platforms also allow posting of images, with Pinterest you have the added advantage of categorizing your images into various "boards." This gives followers the opportunity to hone in more narrowly on their specific interest. If you're an organization with many products and styles, the platform gives you a way to narrow things down for your potential customers. The instant gratification of the right image lends itself beautifully to the online contest. By creating a site that asks people to share images of a selected topic, and to offer an incentive for posting, such as a prize or coupon, you have the ability to draw interest for your brand or organization. You can encourage people to create a board based on their favorite images from your site, and then broadcast that whoever gets the most pins and re-pins, wins.

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