Bob Crawford posted a status
Jan 31, 2020
Newest Placements of Songs in Film, TV, etc.
Hi folks, Here is the latest update as to my efforts to place some of my music in films, TV, etc. in 2019...I thank you all and I’m grateful for your continued encouragement & support...

1) "Everything Is Gonna Be Fine" Vice Media’s King of the Road-Episode 310 “The Finale” (2018)

2) “Where Do We Go From Here” “Frayed” Season1 Episode (Fall 2019 ABC, Australia)

3) "Slow Down” in “The Last Thing He Wanted” (Netflix) starring Ben Affleck and Anne Hathaway

4) “The Latin Thing” NARCOS (Netflix, Season 5 Episode 503 in production)

5) "He Loves Me—He Loves Me Not” “Mixed-ish” (episode 106 in production)

6 ) My original song “Storm of Changes” included in the compilation album “Heroes for Hurricane Harvey (2018)

7) My Crossover Jazz composition "Floater" has been included included in 70 Jazz compilation albums on Spotify.

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