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Jul 4
Hi All,

Perhaps you can relate to this.

While I was a boy, I played a lot of baseball and I got to where I could place the ball almost exactly where I wanted to hit it. Instead of trying for home runs, I went for singles.

Because of this strategy, my batting average was over 600, and I was a real asset to my team.

When it comes to Internet Marketing focus on getting those singles, getting those bat hits. The homers will happen later.

Start with the basics and stick with the basics so you can get on base.

Thanks for reading.
George Pierce
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    That's it precisely George. When I started Syndication Express, my intention was to create a platform for bloggers, article writers and authors to publish thier content and get syndication on the top social media sites. This is what's happening here now. I have added additional features gradually over time. You're a valued member here. Many thanks and continued success in all you do. 

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