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Oct 6, 2020
What am I up to? First, I went through some bad patches and have overcome them. How? You might ask. Good question.
Well, for one reason or another the following happened. However I am a firm believer that things don't just happen. There is a reason although in many cases we may never figure out what it is. But, there are Aways lessons and it is important that you acknowledge and learn.

First, a few good programs I was in ( and I still believe they were good) ran into difficulties and had to close And as always in some cases you end up the loser.

Second, I had to make the decision to end those I was in for some time and which I enjoyed that, for me, was unproductive...basically time-consuming and non-responsive. That felt good and surprisingly relieving, because I learned to let go. I had to change my modus operandi.

On The Positive Side.

A) in October of 2019, I entered a program which earns me passively. Every Saturday without fail, I receive an email just after midday to tell me what my commission is. I have tested it in many ways, including withdrawing funds to my wallet. This I received within an hour and continue to use my commission to get to the next level thereafter enabling higher weekly commissions. How cool is that!

B) In January 2020 I was introduced to a Quantum Energy program with a technology that extracts nutrient information from plants. Why did I jump onboard? You need to first understand that I don't take tablets and on the rare occasions that I had, when I researched the side effects, I immediately come off, especially when I feel adversely affected. My background is one of herbs because of my dad, and we were never ill. Those of us who did get ill the duration was short-lived.

Also My first book given to me at age 16 was Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss. Over the years I acquired many more.."Prescription For Natural Cures" "Natural Cures "they" don't want you to know about." To name a few, including books my parents used to provide me with. Naturally, when I examined the ingredients in this program I recognize most of them. Of course there are other regimes used to give the body a fighting chance to heal itself and keep your immune system strong.

It must be understood that this program does not claim to cure or diagnose any illnesses. What it does is allow you to choose your wellness lifestyle for a better quality of life.

However, it has certainly improve and continue to improve my well-being. I have my own neutraceutial store with over 400 ingredients that I can access for my purpose. Best of all I don't ingest anything. So far I have combined ingredients for my vision and can once again drive at night whereas I had not done so in two years.

I have found ingredients for inflammation and it solves my knee issue. I could go on as to all the ingredients I have combined that works in my favour, but it would be long. I would rather show you.

Ok, I know you are wondering: How the heck does that work? Truth? I just know it does and to me it is all that matters. There are hundreds of others who have (including me) testified as to there well-being with this product.

Nonetheless it is all about doing a Spark scan. A recording of your voice for ten seconds. Like your DNA or finger print it is unique to you. It creates what is called a Custom boost and your Brain identifies what your body needs and shows you in percentage. Your Custom defaults to ten (10) ingredients and you can let it run for up to 14 days.

Once you set it you can forget it, go on vacation without having to walk with computer or gadgets. It is very simple. It is information based. WARNING! If it is working for you and the time you set it for runs out you will know because your system will revert to what it was doing previously. This then means that you have to redo your spark scan custom boost or reset any other you may have running.

I will always be in this program because there is so much more. And yes you can earn. If you use the product and find that it works for you share the knowledge and those seeking an improved quality of life will ask you how.

C) I am in a couple of cryptos earning 1% daily again earning passively.

D) Now here is The BIG one where I am focused, learning skills, actively being creative and can chose what I want to do to build any business I want and earn. Lots of Funnels you can use, ecommerce, video creation, e-learning, chat box, Agency, a host of tools and a whole lot more. All for one affordable cost. You can be FREE but during this launch month of October I you upgrade to the affordable Premium with everything for the price of one comes November I you will be grandfathered in at no extra cost. If you start with the Free option you have a few weeks to go through the System and use it to your advantage

Highly Professional made easy to create, fast and responsive. This you can have for Free with tools and being able to create one website.


I have shared all this information to show what is possible and that you don't have to spend a lot to be successful online. I will eventually incorporate all of the above under D).

If you wish to know more about any of my shared information please feel free to Contact me.

Please have a look at my website below

Cosmos Parris

Skype: cozziieq1
Tel: +8763347668
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    Hello Cosmos it's great to see you here on SE. Happy to hear that you're doing great and thank you for sharing this information and how it has helped you. 

    • Thanks Terri, Heading out for my morning walk. Will be in touch. Will talk later and will try to be on the webinar.


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