2nd Step To Building A Business

Take the time to get very clear on what your values and beliefs are. 

Write them out. Prioritize them.

When you look to start your own or get involved in any business venture, make sure they match up with your priorities. 

Do not skip this step or anything on your priority list. No matter how good something sounds, if it doesn't match what is important to you, move on.

Where most people get side tracked is listening to all the hype about the money that can be earned.

Honestly, if promoted right, everything can earn money. Even things that are "not" in the best interest of those that you are offering your opportunity too.

So don't let the money be your guide.

If you stay true to what is of value to you and aligns with your beliefs, you will earn more than money and truly enjoy the journey.

It ain't right. It ain't wrong. It's my opinion.

Your Uplifting Life Partner

Ron Simplified Myers

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  • my pleasure Ron :)

  • Hello Merle. Thanks for the visit and you know I appreciate the support :) 

  • Thanks for sharing Ron and very true.
  • Preach my sister Terri :)  lol  You know that if money is your agenda, you will never be fulfilled. Why? You can never get enough. You are chasing after something that lacks the spiritual values that we all are inherited with and those values (spiritual) are needs and "not" wants. That is why you will notice more people that have succeeded on the internet financially are coming back and teaching how to reach your visions but are teaching that your vision has to be bigger than money. They thought money was the answer and realized after having it, something was still missing. With people like yourself, we will turn things around. Even if it is one at a time. Enjoy the ride 

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    My brother you are on point and I agree with what you have said in your comment. Some people don't care and this is the person that has a money agenda and don't worry about their reputation. You must get rid of the money agenda and get to know people. This is one reason I started Syndication Express for interaction with members in the community. Networking is having relationships without a money agenda. When you remove your money agenda, then you have no where to go but up in your business.

  • Thank you Judy :) 

  • So True Ron And thank you for posting. I always enjoy reading.

  • What's up Judy? You know I agree totally. That is why I am wanting people to get their priorities in order first. As we are both aware, a person without integrity doesn't care about scamming people or their trust. As I mentioned to Terri, the 3 of us have a high level of integrity and would not participate in what we found to be a scam, but there are people out there that don't care. I am hoping if we get people to take the time to prioritize, they will recognize what is right and would instantly see a "scam", because it wouldn't line up with their beliefs. For most, if you remove money out of the picture, then they will make the right choice. So my thoughts are to get people to figure out what is "right" ahead of time, so they are not tempted to do wrong. Thanks as always for your visit, energy and feedback.

  • Hello Terri. You know I always appreciate your perspectives and support. We would like to believe that scams don't make money, but they do it every day. People are burned online and offline every hour on the hour. That is why I said if you know how to promote you can make money even if it is not in the best interest of the other person. That is why we have what are called "scam artist". They are good at what they do. I agree that it would hurt your reputation, but people that do stuff like that are not concerned about reputation. A person with high integrity like (you and I) would not participate in things like that, but don't believe for one second that people out there don't have a problem scamming. And they do it daily. That is why you see businesses online - come and go. A lot of them were scams to begin with. The people who set them up, made money and disappeared. And they made money because they were good at promoting. So I understand your heart, but dishonesty makes money also. Whether you and I like it or agree with it. Thanks again for your view and your continued feedback and support.

  • Thank you for sharing Ron. Choosing a scam = your scamming the people that trust you.

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