3 Mistakes People Make On Facebook

3 Mistakes People Make On Facebook

Vital Facebook Mistakes

Facebook can be an absolute goldmine if used properly but prospecting on this social network site has been getting a bit out of control.  So I just wanted to advise you on a few thing about how NO~T to grow your business on Facebook.

Facebook Recruiting Mistakes

Facebook Recruiting Mistakes

Below are 3 steps every online marketer needs to know.

There are over 901 million people using Facebook and it is the go-to spot for hungry network marketers looking to recruit fresh blood into their home based business.

  • Make Sure Your Profile is Professional

I am sure you have also come across it many times where someone is trying to prospect you and you go to their timeline and there is this big image of a group of them hanging out in a club or pub with drinks in their hands !!  Well I don’t really want to see this and I am sure you don’t either …….

You have to present yourself in a professional manner to attract the types of people who want to seriously build a business from home. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you shouldn’t be yourself.  But, network marketing is a serious profession, and if you want to recruit other top notch teammates, you must convey some sort of tact.

  • Don’t Spam People – A definite No No  !!  Never Ever Spam

When I first noticed how people were spamming I used to think that they must be driving lots of people to their business, especially with so many people doing it.  WRONG !!  Now I say they are just desperate people because they can’t get anyone to join them.  WHY – they are doing it all wrong…….

The only thing worse than having no prospects is having angry and annoyed prospects. Never ever send mass messages in the hopes you’ll catch a few people who are interested in your business…it does not work. Think to yourself “why are they spamming” – they must be desparate…….

  • Never Take Advantage of Your Relationships – Don’t Spoil A Relationship

One of the most tragic things on Facebook is the blatant lack of respect and courtesy people have for their “friends” because they are so focused on promoting their business. Look, Facebook is a social network, which means you should be building friendships. When someone accepts your friend request, don’t make them regret it because the first thing you send them is a link to your MLM Opportunity . I know we’ve all seen those messages:

‘Hey Bob, I see you are interested in Internet Marketing , me too! Let me share with you this amazing opportunity. I’m not trying to pitch you my business, but if you are interested, here is my link. I think you’d love it….’

This is definitely not the way to go. Get to know your friends first and build up a relationship with them first. Find out what they want and if you can help them.
Then the message finishes off with “Looking forward to learning more about you.” – not trying to pitch your business, huh !! I would think twice about a message like this …..
Not trying to pitch your business, huh! This is not what you want to do to build a successful business online , and when it comes to recruiting on Facebook, you should never, ever, send an “unsolicited link” out.

Social media is a place to get to know new people, share stories, connect through pictures, videos, and status updates. Not everyone is going to be a good fit for your business opportunity , and it is your job to connect with people first to figure that out. Reach out to your target market and find out if you can help anyone. Pitching is going to frighten them off straight away.  To be honest when someone does this to me now I never reply to them.  Sorry but that is just me …….

If you take the time to nurture your relationships on Facebook, you’ll have people running to you to ask you what it is that you do and how they can be a part!

I am sure we have all been a bit guilty of this when we started out, I know I was until I learnt to correct way to market through My Lead System Pro and Pure Leverage.

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  • Thank you Sandy and so true.

  • Good post, Merle.  It all comes back to relationship building.  The spammers will always spam but we can do better by getting to know people and developing a rapport with them.  Thanks for sharing this.

  • Thank you Stephen.
  • Thank you for your input Terri and yes totally agree with you.
  • Thank you RS and yes totally agree with you.
  • Interesting points on using FB for marketing.

  • Top Member

    Good points you made in this post Merle, however I have to share this with you. Facebook is great and that's no doubt because it is a social networking website first and everything you post to your timeline will be seen (viral exposure) to your friends. The point I'm making is this, when you make post in groups, don't post and run like everyone else is doing. When you take time to see what's being posted in the groups you're in, and if something catches your attention this is the time to make a comment to the person. This is conversational and when they respond this is the beginning of the relationship, you can send them a friend request now and they will accept and now you can communicate on chat and send messages to get to know them better. This has worked great for me and I recommend doing it this way. Shared via Syndication Automation.

  • Top Commentor

    Good advice, Merle, thanks I would only add that IF you want to use Facebook to Market then you need to start Branding YOU. People follow PEOPLE, not companies and as you say, if you build a relationship or find commonalities, people will relax and WANT to get to know you. Bring VALUE to others, and they will always follow you.

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