Are you new to building an email list? Even if you are not, read on. This is a Ninjas way how to build an email list without knowing how to build a capture page, FOR FREE!

Building your list is far more powerful than making one-off sales. The money is in the backend process of email marketing to your leads. Get this right and you are set in your business for life, TREAT YOUR LEADS GOLD.

REMEMBER a potential customer has given you permission to contact them, its really A BIG DEAL!!

 5 Tips To Get 99.9% Lead Conversion With Zero Step Optin FOR FREE

If your not new to Capture Pages then you know the 1 Step2 Step, and 3 StepOPTIN methods.

Introducing the Zero Step OPTIN

Excited? OK good, you should be, because you can replicate this method and build your email list, share it with your friends or marketing team so that they can easily duplicate it.

Tip 1:  The Lead 

You have to know and understand what a lead really is, and know why you them. If you don’t, then even beginning at step 1 is not going to solve any thing for you.

Tip 2: The Pathway of The Lead

The usual process is someone clicks on a link and then are taken to a Capture Page. Then that someone enters (Optin) their email, and sometimes their name and become your Lead.

Using Zero Step Optin you don’t need to know how to build or even use a capture page.

Tip 3: Tools Of The Trade

You will need to create a List Name, and get an Autoresponder, a List Name and a what? An Autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mailsent to it. A list name is simply the name of the file you create on the autoresponder to store the Leads.

Tip 4: Take ListWire for a FREE Test Drive…YES…this autoresponder isCompletely FREE…No hidden Costs!

Autoresponders can cost anything from $15.00 – $1000s per month, ListWire costs$0.00 and is easy to learn.

ListWire is one of a few autoresponders that does this neat trick called Zero Step OPTIN, and it allows you to email multiple people and be compliant with CAN-SPAM by giving people the ability to OPT OUT (unsubscribe) from your list.

Click the banner below and create your FREE Autoresponder account

List Wire - Get Your Free Autoresponder

Create a Unique email  List Name in your Autoresponder, this is my Unique List Name in ListWire

List Name is the Unique email List Name created in the ListWire Autoresponder in step 3.

New leads are sent a confirmation email, similar to this:

Clicking the link  confirms that you give us permission
to send you the information requested, and also ensures that
all future emails will be sent to the correct email address.

This is called a double optin, it can’t be bypassed in ListWire, this also helps stopping spammers going nuts and killing your autoresponder.

Tip 5: Test your link

For Example my new Link Name

Congratulations, that is your Zero Step Optin link…

Post it everywhere, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog, Website, you get the idea…

BONUS: I will send sample adcopy you can edit and market products to your leads through your FREE ListWire Autoresponder 

Send me my ad copy

5 Tips To Get 99.9% Lead Conversion With Zero Step Optin FOR FREE

  • You don’t need to create a capture page, the link you created capture a prospect’s email.
  • No need to worry about click through rates? not now, the email is the click.
  • You dont need to create adcopy to capture leads, the link already captured their email.
  • Your lead is set to receive your email follow up series from your Autoresponder (requires a little setup) or you could simply send a broadcast email.
  • All this is ZERO STEP COST.


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