You Have Signed for Linkedin What’s Next?


It’s Time To Learn How to Engage Prospective Leads Using Linkedin


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You have FINALLY created a LinkedIn account. What’s next? If you answered ‘build relationships’ you are correct! Business relationships are called “relationships” for a reason.



One big mistake people make with LinkedIn and other social media sites is trying to push their opportunity straight at you.  WRONG.  You don’t just say ‘hello’ and then be pushy with what your business is and what you are offering.  You don’t just end it there and if you did do just that then you are missing the point of what social networking is all about.

An appropriate for a certain stage in your business relationship is engagement when you are connecting with your prospective leads, and getting involved with them actively on activities until they are ready to shake your hand a seal the business transaction deal.  Get to know people first.  Give them advice and help them with as much information as you can.


LinkedIn is THE perfect place for engaging with other people.  It has the tools that you need to connect with your target market and to keep them interested.  So how do you take advantage of LinkedIn to generate business leads?



LinkedIn offers a perfect venue for engagement. It has the tools that you need to connect with your target market and to keep them interested. How do you take advantage of LinkedIn to generate business leads?


Below are 5 tips that I recommend.

 1.      Become An Active Member of LinkedIn Groups


You have a maximum of 50 groups that you can join.  I am sure that you will be able to find groups that fit your niche and target market.  You can hit the maximum if you want to but it would be nigh on impossible to interact with all of them on a regular basis so I would recommend that you pick you top 5 or most valuable groups.  Also to ensure visibility, focus on groups with more than a thousand members.  Participate and get involved in any discussion that is relevant to your business and don’t just turn up once in a blue moon.  Try and stay active.  Let your prospective leads get to know you better with your presence and participation.

 2.      Interact With Leads By Linking Your Blog and Website


Make your blog and your website known via your LinkedIn profile. Many people are not content with just checking out your personal or business info. They will want to know more details about your business as well as your products and services. Share RELEVANT content with your group, but don’t bombard them.

 3.      Answer Questions


All the time you have an online audience, let them know about your expertise by giving them relevant and helpful answers to their questions.  Check out the categories that your target market may be interested in and then subscribe to RSS feeds on these topics.  Try and answer all the latest questions as soon as you possibly can before someone else does.  That way every time you answer a question, you get a chance to be visible to everyone who is reading and answering the question.  So by doing this, you will establish yourself as a thought leader.

 4.      Create Polls and Ask Your Own Questions


When you create a poll you are inviting your prospective leads to share feedback and information about what they want and need.  This also creates a conversation and shows loyalty.  When you are taking part in a group discussion, you must also try to start topics that generate interest and promote participation among group members.


And finally:

 5.      Make Sure You Have a Consistent LinkedIn Presence


Tips 1-4 are going to be useless if you do them only on your first two weeks on LinkedIn.  You have to commit to a long-term relationship with your prospective leads.  Just remember that strong relationships with customers are not made overnight.  To impact your business positively, you must first build your credibility and let them know your expertise while you are connecting with them.


These efforts may not translate to immediate business but with consistent contact and by giving valuable and relevant information, your prospective leads will think of you first when they are ready to reap the benefit from your services or when they need your products.


I hope these tips have been of some help and good luck with your LinkedIn experience.

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