Everything in life is temporary.

If you didn’t already know this, it’s time you took note.

We are only here for a short time, so while we are here, lets make the most of the time we have because before we know it, it will all be over.

Hard times in life come and go, but if there is one thing to be sure of, it’s we get through the tough times, we may struggle, but we always bounce out the other end with a smile. (remember this)

So when things go belly up, take a breath and step forward one step at a time, knowing that whatever the struggle, you are going to be ok and you will in fact be learning something remarkable about yourself along the way. Life is temporary, emotions are temporary, thoughts are temporary, struggle is temporary, the night is temporary because every morning the sun comes up and gives you a new day. Our moments here are temporary lets make them count for something, something important.