7 Tips to Change Your Mindset For Blogging

Do You Keep Putting Off Today What Should Have Been Done Yesterday?

Don't Put Off Today What Should Have Been Done Yesterday

Do you find yourself saying ‘tomorrow’ when really you should have done it yesterday and you start to feel overwhelmed?  Well I know that feeling and since I changed my mindset things are starting to fall into place !

Try not to lose focus on those important things that need doing.  You can either give in to temptation or stand by your values……

Your success is going to come from your passion for writing.  Don’t lose control of that and give in to temptation from poor choices.  Set your goals and dreams so that you can complete them without falling into bad habits.  Your goals and dreams are important to you so strive to aim for them and don’t give up when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Below are 7 tips to help you change your mindset when writing articles…..

1.  Self-Control – if you don’t have self-control you are going to damage your progress and credibility.  We all long for something, whether it is that little bit of extra cash or perhaps you want financial freedom.  Whatever it is don’t lose patience by cutting corners.  Even if it takes you longer, write valuable and compelling content.  Yes, it might take longer than you want to spend time on it but it will benefit you in the long run.  Do your best and write original content for your readers.

2.  Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone – If you are writing about the same topic day in and day out your readers are going to start thinking “does he/she know anything else?” – by doing this it looks as if you have nothing else to offer.  Don’t be scared of change !  Branch out and cover a few different topics.  With a bit of research you can write about anything…..

3.  Don’t Be Impatient – No matter what it is you want to achieve, it is not going to happen overnight (although many people think this !!)   Get your priorities right and don’t be impatient.  Over time you will develop your writing skills which is going to be your investment.

4.  Be Passionate About Blogging – Readers will soon notice if you are passionate about blogging or article writing.  I have been on some websites where I think to myself – WHAT!!  Something that is of no interest to anyone and they are just trying to get a bit of information out thinking it is going to boost their rankings.  Be excited and passionate and you will find yourself writing compelling and valuable content.

5.  Don’t Get Agitated-Stay Calm –  If you don’t stay calm you are going to just write anything without thinking just to get that content out there.  By staying calm and positive will have a positive effect on your writing.  We all get writer’s block at some time or another.  Put pen down and take a break and just stay calm.  You will soon overcome that negative feeling and the positive energy will flow.

6.  Don’t Think Of Your Competitors – Concentrate on what valuable content you can get out there – get readers hooked on reading what you write – you have to get them to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you and if you are envious of other bloggers that will get you nowhere.  As they say ‘things can only get better’ and you will eventually conquer your competitors with YOUR compelling content !! Never think of quitting by thinking that the grass is greener on the other side …..  A little change is all it needs.

7.  Don’t Be Humble – Always be proud of the work you produce and know that there is always room for improvement – if someone criticises something in your work, take it on board and know that you can learn from this.  Don’t think that you know all there is to know.  Even the great gurus and mentors are still learning daily.

So, don’t take shortcuts thinking this is going to get you there faster.  Change your mindset, be YOU and you will earn that trust and credibility that you deserve.

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  • Thank you Ralf and yes definitely helps when you are in with a team of bloggers.  I am in with three teams.

  • Blogging takes time unless you have a team that syndicates. Great post about blogging.

  • Thank you Elzie, you can use these tips for other methods of marketing as well.

  • Oh so true♡but what if you just hate blogging?where to from there? 

  • Thank you Terri and Bruno and I really appreciate you sharing for me.

  • Love it! Inspiring tips to always take in consideration, be it in business or on a personal level...Thanks for sharing, Shared here as well :)

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    Merle you got everything covered in this post. I have shared massively for more to read. Keep up the great writing.

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