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A couple of marketing thoughts that will help you.

Hi All.

Allow me to share a couple of marketing tips that will help you to get better results.

Add Cities and Towns to your keywords.

When people are looking for the kind of products or services that your business provides, they are likely adding the name of a city or town before or after.

For Example,  Expand your keywords such as Joe's Barber Shop plus Joe's Barber Shop Asheville, plus Barber Shop Asheville and Barber Shop followed by nearby city and town names.
Your chances of an exact match are significantly improved which means page one!
Double Posting and Interaction!??
Consider what I call "Double Posting", especially on social sites.  One post may be a post about your site or product or service...OK...but that kind of a post is essentially an ad.    Follow it up on a regular occasion with a post that provides information or help that will benefit your reader.  In addition, interact with others, whether it is a FB group or Twitter or Syndication Express.  Build your brand, build your trust.  
Thanks for reading, my friends. I wish you much success.
George Pierce
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    Yes you always share excellent value for people to know and learn. 

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    Thank you, Terri and Terry.  Why I share is what I do.  I appreciate your comments.

  •    George, your quick post reflexes, as usual, your working understanding of how marketing works. Also, again, it's very usable. Thanks for taking the time to share.

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    Awesome tips in this blog post George. I agree with your advice and tips because this is what I do already. 

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