A picture is worth a thousand words.

My Eldest daughter came to see me yesterday. She was so excited and said here mom your mother's day present.

I looked at the calender and said well you are a little early don't you think? She said I couldn;t wait.

She handed me one of the best present I have ever got, a picture album of her and my soon to be son-in-law.

When I opened that book and looked at these picture;s it took my breath away. My little girl really had grown up, and getting married.

What really got me where the picture's, she told me little tid-bits about each picture, like on this one mom "my

bottom almost showed", glad it didn't because it was my favorite. Her in her little white spring dress dress and

cowboy boots, and her fiance picking her up and looking into each others eyes with so much love.

She told me once "I am marrying my best friend". The engagement album surely showed that, she was right, on another picture

she said hey mom he liked this one because,"he said it made him look slimmer". She then said he was craking me up all day

while we where on location having these done. I could go on and on about this book she made me, but the rest of the

story is just for them.

They are following their dreams, how about you?

By:Christine Forsythe

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  • Thank you all for your kind comments and sharing my post, many blessing to you all.

  • Lovely story Christine and it's those type of gifts that are extra special to a mum !!

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    I believe you are happy about your present from your daughter. I am sure it will be special to you for a long time Christine. I enjoyed reading your post, and have shared on Facebook and tweeted for more to see. Have a fantastic Sunday.

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