A Prayer of Gratitude

The Daily Meditation 11.28.2013

A Prayer of Gratitude

Rev Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

Martha_226-150x150.jpg?width=150Thank You is the Prayer of the Great I Am.  Thank you built the world, the galaxies and all the stars.  Thank you is All There Is and It is Peace, Love, Abundance, and Good.  Thank you lives on in immortality and stretches beyond any space we can imagine into the world of the limitless good. 

Blessings created me.  I am made of the good of the Great Thank You and today I receive it so deeply and fully that all I know is peace, love, abundance, and Good.  My own blessings are eternal and they stretch into dimensions I fathom from limitless good.

Today I bless the world by saying, “Thank you!”  I affirm and declare this gratitude is what I know, and affirm that it is all there is.  Thank you rolls off my tongue from my heart for everything that I give and for everything I receive.  Gratitude is my lot in life today and from it, joy leaps from my being into all that I can know.  I am joyful, happy, fulfilled, and in love simply from thanks and gratitude. 

Thank you.  It is done. 

And So It is!

Rev Martha Quintana is Senior Minister at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

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