A Southern Breakfast

A Southern Breakfast

As a person who was raised in the South there are a lot of events, circumstances and experiences I would love to forget. As a matter of fact until something triggers some of those experiences they don’t come to mind. My philosophy is that while you have to know where you came from in order to understand where you are and where you are going you haphazardly drift through life without clear direction.

It is by no means am I alluding to the fact that all growing days in the South was bad or negative;there was plenty of that however not all days were bad.

One of the most positive things I remember growing up as a child in my great-grandmother’s house was Breakfast.

There is a realty in this day and time that eating breakfast maybe a luxury for thousands upon thousands of children. With varying reasons as to why so many children don’t eat breakfast the truth remains that many just don’t have the experience.

I vividly remember the most pronounced scents that would cause my eyes to pop open many days without having to be called. My great-grandmother survived on meager means but somehow she managed constant with this particular meal.

One thing she stressed was that breakfast was the most important meal of the day and for me it was, but then again for me every meal was important; LOL.

A typical breakfast was grits, bacon, eggs, homemade biscuit or a slice of oven toast with butter. To top it all was a cup of coffee made in the old tin percolator. The aroma from that coffee almost caused salivation.

Maxwell house was the coffee of choice at that time. This was the beginning of me acquiring a taste for coffee.

When carnation or pet can milk was added with sugar coffee neither breakfast got any better than this.

Now some fifty five years later I get to take breakfast to another level with “The Healthy Coffee” to benefit homeless women at Cedar Haven. Life is always evolving.

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  • Thanks Terri Pattio for stopping by.

  • Thanks for your comments Julie Klein

  • Thanks Timothy Eller !

  • I know all too well what a grit is and being raised and still living in the south I have to say Grits are southern pleasure.Loved the post LaVerne!

  • I enjoyed your account of your childhood breakfast. Thank you for sharing this lovely memory.  I have always eaten breakfast too.  When I was a child, my mother did not like getting up early to fix breakfast. So, while we were eating, my mother would just stare into place as though she was in a trance.

  • Great story LaVerne but have to ask, what is grit? I also believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Thanks for sharing.
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    Yes I do love the southern breakfast and they do fill you up. Wishing you much success LaVerne. Shared via Syndication Automation.

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