A-Z Of Health [How Aloe Vera Can Help]

A-Z Of Health [How Aloe Vera Can Help]

Part One Starting With The Letter A on How Aloe Vera Can Be Benefiticial And Help You

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I must first point out that there is no guarantee that this will help everybody but there is a 60 day money back guarantee if these products are not beneficial to you after that period, although some people have said that they don’t feel a significant difference for anything from 3-6 months.


Acne is a very common complaint in teenagers but today there are a lot of people even in their 30′s and 40′s that are suffering with acne.  As Aloe is an anti-inflammatory it does help the immune system. There are two main types of acne, the common acne and the rosacea acne. The common acne normally affects teenagers and younger people and is normally associated with greasy skin, leaving a lot of scarring.  This is coupled with hormonal and bacterial change. The Rosacea acne seems to affect older people and gives red blotches on face.  The reason for this is not know but often worsened by alcohol, spicy good and stress.

Both of these can respond to a non-greasy Aloe Vera product such as a clear jelly.  The face must be kept clean and also the scalp and drinking water also helps.  As do the UV rays and exercise.  Experts recommend drinking at least 1 litre of water a day.

Recommended for Acne and the body is:

Aloe Gelly drink which helps to repair the skin.

Aloe MSM Gel which is soothing to the skin.

Aloe liquid soap as it is PH balanced and won’t strip the oils from the skin.

Aloe shampoo and conditioner which is also PH balanced.

Forever garlic and thyme which is a powerful antibacterial supplement.

Age Spots

The Aloe Vera Gelly which is identical to the aloe vera’s inner leaf could be your answer to age spots !!

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Hayfever seems to be affecting more and more people these days and a great relief could be:

Forever Bee Pollen Tablets – multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement.

These tablets will help to manage the problems associated with hayfever.  They don’t make you sleepy like some of the over the counter types of tables.  They have nutrients and vitamins and help to build up your energy levels.

It is best to start taking them before the hayfever season starts so that they are already in your system for better relief.

Drinks also help for most allergies:

Aloe Gel

Aloe Berry Nectar

Aloe Bits n’Peaches

Other Products That Could Help Allergies

In the UK there are about 18 million people who suffer from allergies, then not far behind is Australia and New Zealand.

Absorbent-C – a powerful antioxidant, maintains healthy respiratory system, healthy skin and joint.  Contains no sugar, preservatives, starch or artificial colourings and is a slow release tablet.

Forever Lycium Plus – a powerful antioxidant, good source of phytonutrients, beneficial to eyesight, skin, liver, kidneys and heart.

Aloe Propolis tablets helps to reduce inflammation on the skin.

Alpha E Serum – white tea and mimosa extracts.

Aloe Gelly is also very good for the skin, reducing any irritation and has a great healing power.


I was at a meeting last week where we were told of a 17 year old lad who had Alopecia, and he started rubbing the Aloe Gelly on his scalp.  After two weeks he noticed that his hair was starting to grow back again.  It is not to be said it would work for everyone though, although worth a try.

Look out for the next part in this series ……….

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