Addicted To IBOtoolbox

Addicted To IBOtoolbox

Have you ever been addicted to a website? Feel like you just have to be on that site everyday? I'm so addicted to IBO I enjoy working in IBO that I make sure I'm on this site everyday. Even when Im sick I get on at least for a few. 

The only time I'm not in IBO is when I'm not able to get online at the moment. I'm either at church or just busy with other things and not able to get online. 

I like the fact you get to grow and learn from each other. You meet new people from all over and become friends. 

IBO has so much to offer you not just a blog posting site. By sharing others blogs and committing on each others that gives you both more  exposure.

You also get to see other business opportunities  that might be the kind that fits your needs and wants.

IBO is  a great business platform that I'm greatful to be part of. It's free, it's fun and helps build your business future. 

IBO offers you other sites like
IBO is the place for ALL businesses to grow

Would like to share some Plexus Products Information:

Plexus Products are also addicting. I love drinking the slim daily and taking  the accelerator + everyday. I love how these products make me feel. 

You ever looked in the mirror or just felt bad about how you look and wish there was something that would make you feel better, look better?

Taking the Plexus Slim and the accelerator + helps you slim down and you feel so much better. You get more energy by taking these two products together. Others will notice a change in you without you even saying your taking the products. 

The slim helps if you have ADHD, or even a child can drink the slim for ADHD. If you have thyroid diseases the slim is  a Big help. If you have arthritis diseases and many more the Slim is here to help.
Here is some Real Plexus Slim  Testimonies from Real Mommies!

Caitlin ~ Many infertility issues are due to imbalances in the body and weight issues. I personally struggled with repeat miscarriages. I began seeing the Chiropractor and taking Plexus.. Im now 19 weeks pregnant!

Jessica ~ I went through repeated fertility treatment cycles and never conceived. After 7 months on plexus I'm now 24 weeks pregnant. I believe it does help with other issues.

Tasha ~I also have been able to concieve with Plexus after trying for many many years. I am  now 25w3d with a little girl and could not be happier! Plexus is AMAZING!!

Paula ~I also have pcos and conceived with plexus. My baby girl will be 6 months old oct 2.  Ambassador # 139204

Thank You for reading and God Bless
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  • Thank you all for reading and committing on my page, I agree with you Sandy it does feel like home. 

  • You and a great many others (including me) are addicted to IBO.  It just feels like home reading Associates' PRs and posts.  Thanks for sharing, DeAnn.

  • Congratulations on being Featured Member of the Day on IBO DeAnn.  Well done..

  • Great article on IBO DeAnn.  It is a great place with many amazing benefits for those who use it.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and Shared.

  • DeAnn, I am an IBO addict, too.  

  • Great post DeAnn and agree IBO is a great site.
  • Thank You Carolyn for reading and committing on my page, have a wonderful week

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