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affiliate imageMost people in Network Marketing say that Affiliate Marketing doesn't work, there is way to many products, tools and services out there and most don't make any money. Although the fact lies that there are a lot of products and services for affiliates to promote, there is a need in the market. But most don't know how to market the right way in order to sell product and make money. In this blog post I'm going to cover What NOT to do when marketing your affiliates.

There are 3 areas I'm going to cover What Not to do when marketing your affiliate but before I do let me explain what it is. Affiliate: A person that receives commissions through products, services and/or tools sold. Affiliate products that are sold in Network Marketing are great products to build your business and to invest in yourself.  It creates the best of both world where you get to benefit from the product and use the credibility of the creator and/or tool to promote and get paid when it is sold. 

Now I have an example before I get into What Not To Do. I received a FaceBook message from a person I didn't know and he proceeded to promote a tool to build my business online. I told him that I would look at the tool later and I would get back to him (even though I didn't ask for the link). 1 hour later I get another message from this person asking me if I looked at the tool and if I'm considering the tool. I told him that I haven't looked at it yet and I would get back to him. The next day that person sent me another message wanting me to join this tool then proceeded to give a testimonial how this tool changed his life. Now at this point I'm upset because this person won't leave me alone. I then told him this " (name), it seems that you want me to get this tool Just to make a commission plus if this tool is working for you why are you spending all of your time on me?" That person never answered me and never messaged me again. Which brings me into the Affiliate Marketing Training

What NOT To Do

man with shovel1. Don't Shove Your Affiliate Down Other People's Throat

Just like the person that messaged me on FaceBook, he kept drilling me about this tool. In fact the more you push your product onto your prospect the more they will push you away. A guard will go up if you are all over your prospect because they feel you are out for just 1 thing only, which leads me into my next step.

2. Don't Do This Only For The Money

This is huge. If you are doing this ONLY for the money, your prospect will sense that and they will pull away. What you are thinking about and what you desire poors out of you. It will show in your voice, your body language, even in text based on what you say and how you say it. You will get what you want once you show them that you really care about them and their business.

3. Use Your Products

So many people promote products that they don't use themselves. Just like the person that messaged me about his tool, I asked him where are they getting the leads from? He had no idea! How could you promote a tool and NOT know the product? Now you don't need to know everything because like Network Marketing there are video's and tutorials to show your prospects what the products are and how it can help them. On the other hand, if you are using the products, services or tools you should be able to answer some of the simple questions.

Watch The Video Below:

Understand that in this Affiliate Marketing Training you should NOT shove your affiliate in your prospects face, Don't just do this for the MONEY and use the products that you are promoting. Follow these steps and you will sell more products and/or services and make more money.

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