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United Games is launching their new Sports App in the Fall 2016.


Sports Games Fans will know the name Mark Mongie who was the Head Designer for Madden Football and Nascar Thunder.  He is now Chief Creative Officer and Lead Designer at United Games.

Mark and United Games have developed the “better way to play” with a new mobile-based sports game system.

Mobile games are exploding … who could have predicted the impact of Pokemon Go, Angry Birds or Candy Crush?

Imagine earning a penny on every one of these games being played. We are talking about 1.2 billion games of Candy Crush played every day! 

Smartphone games are a $110 BILLION industry. 

Absolutely mind boggling, isn’t it?


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  • Thanks, Merle and Terri!  I am amazed at how this has exploded.  It is going to be bigger than PokemonGo right at launch. 

  • Hi Merle, uncheck the box that says this is a valid US phone number.  

  • It worked this time, weird way of filling out a phone number !  Thanks for sharing.

  • Sounds interesting Sandy but it's not letting me put a phone number in.  I did all 3 boxes with the country code and then number but keeps rejecting it.  Any advice please :)

  • Top Member

    I agree Sandy this is huge and I'm already in and waiting on launch day. Liked and shared. Here's to our success with this one.

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