All of my Thoughts Are Prayers

The Daily Meditation 09.17.2013

All of my Thoughts Are Prayers

Dianne Martin, RScP


There is one power working through me and through all that exists. I am not separate from it nor am I separate from any other person or thing in the universe.  I know that infinite spirit hears every thought I think and every word I speak and graciously accepts and makes available my heart’s desires. God is love, peace, harmony, beauty, joy, abundance and more.

I open to spirit; to a bigger, better and more perfect life.   I am love peace, harmony, beauty, joy, abundance and more.  And, as I know this is true for me, I know it’s true for each person reading this prayer.  Each person is a manifestation of that one power.  Each person can use that power simply by knowing that each thought and each word is a prayer that God responds to.

I love my relationship with God.  It is part of me and I am part of it. This relationship is unlimited and eternal; it has no beginning and no end.  I trust this relationship implicitly.  It is subtle and it is dynamic all at the same time.  I don’t have to do anything to call upon God…it is just always there and at all times.  I am vigilant with my thoughts knowing that each thought is a prayer. Therefore, I release any thoughts of judgment or fear.  Nothing upsets my loving relationship with God.

 I think a thought of love and love is in my life.  I think a thought of peace, and my life is peaceful.  I think a thought of joy and so much joy pours into in my life.  I think a thought of abundance and that abundance is in my life in so many forms:  friendships, money, time, successful and rewarding work, and travel, to name a few.

I am so grateful that I know the truth of who I am. I am a manifestation of spirit and have all the qualities of spirit.  I speak my word to spirit and know that my thoughts and words are answered and for that I am so thankful.  I live in love, peace, harmony, beauty, joy and abundance and, for that; I thank the graciousness of God.

And, now, I release my thoughts and my words into the goodness of God knowing that as I think and as I speak, my prayers are answered.  It is done.

And so it is.

Dianne Martin is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, NM

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  • Merle and Sandy,

    Your Welcome! I am so glad it was helpful. I will let Dianne know that you liked it. Have a great weekend coming up.

  • Thank you, Richard ... such a wonderful way to start my day.

  • Loved it Richard, thanks for sharing.

  • Carla,

    Thank You! Have a wonderful day!

  • I really like this. Our thought patterns are so important.
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