Aloe Vera The Medicine Plant

Aloe Vera The Medicine Plant

Aloe Vera The Medicine Plant

Aloe Vera The Medicine Plant

Aloe Vera Is Also Known As The Medicine Plant

Below I just want to list a few products that could help with some minor ailments.  I must point out that this is not a cure and may not help everybody but I have used these products myself and they definitely make life easier!


Inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue in certain areas of the body like the thighs, abdomen, forearms. It is a result of accumulation of fat, proteins, liquids and toxins in the abdomen, the waist, the gluteus and the hips.

Causes of this is normally poor diet and excessive ingestion of fat or carbohydrates through meat, refined sugar and flour.

Products that have been know to give relief from this are:

Aloe Vera Liquid Soap

Aloe Bath Gelly

Forever Garcinia Plus Capsules – 3 daily 20 minutes before a meal.

Chicken Pox

Chicken pox can be very stressful for children and for relief I would recommend:

Aloe Gel – Pure aloe vera gel drink

Aloe Berry Nectar - Aloe Gel with cranberry and apple

Aloe First – Aloe vera spray with is for very sensitive skin

Aloe Activator – spray in a bottle and can be used on a cotton wool swab to reach near the eyes

Chronic Fatigue or Sometimes Known as ME

This is something I have suffered with for many years now, well I did until I discovered the Aloe Gel Drink !  I was taking it for about a month when I noticed a big change in my energy levels.  I was taking it twice daily and still do today as it also has other benefits besides fatigue as you will read in this post.

Forever B Pollen

FAB Energy drink which is a natural energy drink for a long lasting energy boost.

Colds and Flu, Catarrh and Coughs

It’s getting to that time of year when we have to look after our health before the really cold weather sets in.

Again the Aloe Gel drink which is good for the immune system and

Aloe Propolis Tablets which is a natural antibiotic, which kills off the bad bacteria and not the good bacteria.

Garlic and Thyme – powerful antibacterial supplement


We have heard from a lot of Aloe Vera customers that have been on cholesterol tablets for years and by taking some of the following supplements have been able to discard their over the counter tablets.  You can take any of the products below or as a combination of all of them.

Arctic Sea – super omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids

Fields of Greens – An easy way to eat your greens

Argi Plus – Contains L-Arginine and Vitamin Complex

Cuts and Abrasions

The Aloe Gelly is an anti bacterial gel which if you put a bit on a cut or abrasion it will stop the bleeding.  It puts a coating over the wound sealing it and leaves no scar.

If you don’t have any of the gel then you can also use the Aloe Lips which is small enough to keep in your pocket if you are out and about.


The Aloe Heat Lotion has been know to be good for cramps.

You can read up about any of these products if you click ====>>>> HERE and I will continue with some more in a day or two.

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