Am I Promoting The Right Business

A question a lot of people need to stop right this moment and ask is "Am I Promoting The Right Business?"

It is a question you must ask and be satisfied with the response. Folks you must remember that what you tie your name to is the same as "loaning out your credibility".

If you are a part of questionable companies, that do questionable things, then it would only make sense for someone to start questioning "YOU".

This is a simple test.

If you remove the money, the ability to earn residual income, the opportunity to build your own business, in other words, if we just look at your "PRODUCT", what is it?

Can your product stand on its own?

In other words, would you and those you offer it to, benefit whether or not you could get paid?

If the answer is "NO", then I would recommend that you leave that company. Not now, but right NOW!!!

If the product has no value, then it is only time before people recognize it, stop using it and soon you and your company are out of business.

I know some think, well I will make my money real quick before they collapse.

Folks, that speaks to your integrity and people will figure you out soon. 

There is nothing worse than having your name being dragged through the dirt. It will cause you to have a rough future.

So watch who you loan your "credibility" too.

It ain't right. It ain't wrong. It's just my opinion.

Your Uplifting Life Partner
Ron Simplified Myers

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  • I am with you Sandy. Many see money and equate that to someone being a leader or someone they should follow. I totally disagree. If you can see there is no integrity, you should take your wagon and run because you don't want it to get linked to theirs. Thanks again for your words and time.

  • Thanks, Ron...have left many a business because I felt they did not have integrity behind the scenes. 

  • Thank you Ron, that is nice to hear.

  • Merle I appreciate you, your time and words. You inspire 

  • Thank you for sharing this Ron and I have to agree with you.
  • Amen on that one. That is why I am telling people to stop and look at their agenda. Many are wondering why they are struggling. It is because of that "money agenda". People are doing just what you said and are running the other way. This is a polite way of telling people to step back and look at what is driving you. If it isn't the product, it is time to do something else. Thanks as always for sharing your wisdom

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    Ron when business people have a money agenda, a potential prospect will feel this and they will want to get away from them. The prospect knows they don't care because it's so obvious. Taking the time to get to know people first is the only way to have a successful business. Relationships is key and when you have a passion about your product or service you offer, then it's a win win deal for everyone.

  • Thanks for the share Terri. The policies and procedures is very valuable information and should be examined to know what you can and can not do. There are companies with this information in place that fail all the time. A lot of companies have a product as a lead to stay legal, but the product itself is not good. What I am speaking about is as an individual if you step back from the product you are offering and in your gut, you don't see the value (personally) then you need to step away. You can't make it in a business (most can't) where the money is the only thing that you see. Why? It is hard to sell money. People want to know what are we getting in exchange for the money we are putting out. In short, if you don't have a passion for the business (products) then you should be doing something else. 

    It ain't right. It ain't wrong. It's just my opinion

    Your Uplifting Life Partner

    Ron Simplified Myers

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    Thank you for sharing this information in the community today. When you read the policies and procedures or terms of agreements before joining any business opportunity. The situation you talk about in your post will not happen to people when they read the contract before joining a business. If you can't see your contract before you join. You should not join that business. Shared via Syndication Automation.

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