Amazing Plexus Testimony

Amazing Plexus Testimony!


Sabra's testimony~   this story is just the beginning and the real story is yet to come but I just had to share. I signed up in December 2012, my cousin Stephanie  asked me to so I did as kind of a favor to her. I really didn't think much about it, it was around the holidays and as a Pastors' family we were extremely busy. In January I called my cousin and told her I must be the 1% that Plexus doesn't work for. 


I would later find out that the problem was actually me. I stopped my AutoQualification and actually threw away the leftover Slim I had - the fact that I had left over Slim should tell you something. (Shocking!!) 


I started taking plexus again on October 24, 2013. I wanted to lose a few pounds, 10 weeks later my results have far exceeded my expectations! Not only have I lost a lot of weight and inches, I am no longer sick, I'm no longer on my thyroid meds, no longer on my hormones and no longer on my GERD/Acid Reflux meds!


I have spent the last year in and out of doctors offices and hospitals and had just about every test you could think of trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I had been suffering for a couple years with severe stomach and abdominal pain and discomfort, fatigue, and also debilitating headaches and zero s** drive. NO ONE could find anything wrong! After deciding to take plexus to hopefully aid in my weight loss I learned about candida overgrowth and the havoc it can cause to your entire body so I decided to do the candida spit test and boy was it ever present!


I immediately started taking the recommended Plexus products to get rid of it. The first few weeks I'll admit were really rough, I learned I was going through what's called die off symptoms, that included nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, severe headaches and body aches. I was determined to stick it out and see if this candida over  growth had been the root of my problem all along and low and behold when the die off symptoms subsided I started feeling really good!


I was still a little skeptical that it could actually be what had been wrong with me all this time! But the longer I stuck with it the better I felt, I had more energy and felt like my old self again even my s**drive was better! I am now convinced that this was indeed my problem and now it is gone!


I feel amazing have more energy and my mood even seems to be elevated. These Plexus products have given me my life back and I will never stop taking them! 


Three days into taking the Slim I decided to become an Ambassador so I could get the products cheaper and within 10 days I was a Silver Ambassador and within thirty days I was Fast Start Gold and started making some really good money with my advancements. Plexus has been a Blessing to me and my family and I'll be forever grateful and will share my testimony and plexus products wherever I go!
Thank You Plexus!"


Come and Join people like Sabra and many others that where suffering with many illnesses and now have the help they needed. Why keep suffering? Everyone prays asking the Lord for help. Now there is something to help everyone.


Once you give it a try you will be glad you did. Many people have their life back by joining and taking Plexus Products.


Thank You For Reading and God Bless
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