I have published this PR about WD-40 before but I thought perhaps I should revive it so more folks would know about all the great uses of WD-40.


I like reading these uses now and then so I can be reminded of all the things I can do with WD-40.


However, before you read to the end, do you know the main ingredient of WD-40? 


Probably most of you don’t.


Just be patient; you'll find out soon...


One of the great stories about WD-40 is about someone who bought a new pickup truck.


Soon after it was purchased , a neighbor saw one Sunday morning that the new truck in his neighbor’s driveway had been spray painted red all around the sides of the beige truck (for some unknown reason).


The neighbor went over, woke up the owner, and told him the bad news. He was very upset and was trying to figure out what to do probably nothing until Monday morning, since nothing was open.

Did WD-40 come to the rescue?

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  • Thanks for commenting, Merle.

  • Great post and I am sure it did come to the rescue!!  Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks, Maria and Bob for commenting and sharing...and thanks, Bob for adding another use to WD-40's many uses :)

  • I use WD-40 to clean my guitar strings before every playing session...:)

  • Morning Sandy, This is great! who knew WD-40 has so many great uses? I did not, thanks for sharing, liked and sharing, have an awesome day.

  • Thanks, DeAnn and Bob.  You're right, Bob ... duct tape and WD-40 ... don't leave home without them :)

  • WD-40 & Duct tape make the world go 'round...:)

  • Hi Sandy, great PR, thanks for sharing, interesting, liked and shared, have a bless day my friend

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