Most of the mail I received this morning were to do with Fathers Day. Discounts and Deals on different products that make excellent gifts for the Dads and the Grads'. Here on my desk is a little porcelain jar, painted a golden yellow, that holds a candle given to me by my son a few years ago. Printed on the jar are the words: 'Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy'. That takes me back to the incident i'm about to relate:

It was mid 1995 I had launched Peters Enterprises in Jan of that year and was busy with promotional activity which was why,Stella, my wife was away visiting her sisters on vacation alone. We were married in 1991, both in our mid 30's, Stella was anxious to concieve but couldnt for medical reasons. We tried most of the many ways but nothing worked and I asked Stella to take a break/rest while I got things moving with the business. We were quite familiar with the pastor and parishoners, many of whom shared our concern and were praying for us.  It was at this time that I received a call around midday from the parish office asking me to meet the pastor imeediately,the matter being urgent. I went. There with the pastor was a man, not too well dressed, unshaven, unkempt, with a little boy all of 2 years old. Pastor told me that the man was a single parent, lost his wife acouple of months ago who needed a home for the boy and a job to support himself. Pastor agreed to retain the man as his driver and suggested that I adopt the boy. I agreed. Pastor also spoke to the man and asked him if he agreed, and he did. I was told to prepare a relinquisment document (as required by law) which I did. The man signed the papers and handed over the child to me. I was ecstatic, I knew Stella would accept without reservations and I called her immediately and without breaking the news just created a little hype and curiosity I said I had a surprise for her as soon as she got back.

That done I brought the boy home, then shopping for a few clothes and toys, not much as I wanted Stella to be there to get the kids entire wardrabe done. The man took his place in the 'garage' in the parish.

I was happy thanking God for the 'gift' of His love, enjoying the company of 'our son.' But that joy was shortlived! two days later the man was at our door asking for the child back. Tears streaming down his face the man asked me to give him back his son. The pain of the two days of seperation was evident and without a word I gave him what was truly his (along with all that I had bought for the boy) and tore up the legal documents. The pastor was furious that I had returned the boy. He was of the opinion that I should have kept the child because the man had no means to care for him,and he had signed the legal documents ,anyway, but I was confident that the child will allow his father to do his best out of a fathers love with the little they had.  

Stella was disappointed, but not overwhelmed as she did'nt meet the child. And I went back to work building Peters Enterprises.George, our son, was given to  us Oct of 1996 and with him a few years later came the beautiful words 'Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy'.

A true life Incident. A tribute to Dads and Grads

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  • What a lovely story and it is so true that anyone can be a father but a dad is someone special.  Thank you for sharing this.

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    Very enjoyable blog post and here's to your continued success Mercutio. I've shared your post on Facebook and tweeted too.

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