Are you a Leader?

Are you a leader?
You may not know it but you are already a leader. The question is what kind of leader will you be.
Do you have the qualities to be a good leader?

Able to not only lead but teach others to do the same.
Listening to people and their concerns.
Building Trust

After watching this video, Your eyes will be opened to the importance of developing these leadership qualities in yourself.
You never know who is watching and learning from your choices.

Why everyone is a leader

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  • Great post Christine, have shared and liked for you.

  • Thanks everyone for your comments and sharing. Julie you are exactly right. I look over the willingness to learn part. A very important factor in being a great leader. Thanks for pointing this out. Leaders are readers. 

  • There are many different types of leaders, but the qualities you named on this list for a GOOD leader are right on target.  I would like to add one more quality... A willingness to learn.  I have a great team, and I find I frequently learn from them.  I'll be sharing this great post Christine.

  • Great post on being a leader.  Thanks for sharing. Liked and Shared.

  • Top Member

    Awesome post Christine on being a leader. I have shared for more to see. It's good to see you and I have shared for more to see.

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