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Stay Inspired Daily


I want to let you in on  a secret.


There are things that we all  strive to do
every single day to stay inspired.


For some of us our daily duty is to exercise to stay inspired
whatever form that may take.


Others of us strive to do something nice for someone we don’t know to stay inspired.


And for every one of us around this planet, there is another daily ritual to keep us inspired.


Brushing your teeth.

kissing your wife.

Telling your kids how much you love them.


Expressing gratitude and appreciation.


Yet still,

There is a small group among our kind…



Black Sheep

“Fringe” thinkers

We make it our mission to help the world to stay inspired..

In our own unique way.


We realize that if we can spend even a few short minutes each and every day – doing something that will leave it just a *little* bit better inspired than we found it…


That makes everything else just a little bit better.


Our relationships SPARK just a litte bit more than they used to when we are inspired.


The moon shines just a little big brighter than it did before.

Everything vibrates at a slightly different frequency

And things come easier when we are inspired.


Life is better and more fun when we are inspired.


But, there’s a wall between you and being truly inspired.


It’s tall.

It’s thick.




But wait.


Is that…

Is that a ray of light?…



It can’t be

There’s no way.

But it is.

A crack.

A chink in the wall.

We’re on the other side…

Waiting for you.

We hope to see you soon.

I know you’ll find a way to be inspired


Timothy Eller

You want to know the secret to
being inspired every, single day – to
do that thing that seems like so much


That thing you know you should be doing,
but you so often procrastinate (like
sending that email…)…


Here Is The Secret To Being And Staying Inspired In Your Life And Business Daily



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  • Thank you, Timothy for an inspiring post.

  • Great post Timothy !

  • Thanks Terri!

  • Top Member

    Timothy you definitely spoke the truth in this post. Happy to share this for more to see.

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