Are You Putting Your Life Off for Tomorrow?

“In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you.”  ― Leo Tolstoy

Are you planning on obtaining financial success by keeping your shoulder to the grindstone?  Do you tell yourself, “As soon as I earn $10,000 per month, I will take a breather and enjoy my family and friends?  Do you put off accepting social invitations, because you need to copy and paste ads to all the advertising websites you have found?

Why?  In amongst your plans, for financial success, look around you and be grateful for who and what you already have.  Take some time out and laugh with your children and grandchildren.   

My step-mother used to say, “Tomorrow is not promised to you”.  Meaning, while you may say, “I’ll do this or that, tomorrow”, you are not guaranteed that you will live until tomorrow.  Unforeseen occurrences befall us all. 

Balance your outlook on ‘making it’ or succeeding in earning a certain sum of money.  Even when you earn it, what will you do with it?  You will want to spend in on doing things with or for your loved ones.  And the spending of the money, is not what you will focus on then.  You will be focused on how you feel about being with your loved ones.  Yes, you want to give ‘things’ to your children and grandchildren.  Yes, you want to take trips and live extravagantly.  Some of us want to pay bills without worry.  Just remember, every time you dream, every time you look forward to enjoying your life, your loved ones are there with you.  Look up, aren’t they right here with you now? So, enjoy them now.  None of your loved ones charge you for their time, do they?  They don’t charge you for the love and respect that they give to you, do they?  So, why are you putting a dollar sign on yourself?

Never will they only remember the things you gave them, they will remember the time with you.  The laughter, the everyday events you spend with them.  Don’t put off for tomorrow, the things you can do today with your loved ones.

You, to them are more than a wallet.  You are more than a promoter, and advertiser, an affiliate.  You are a receiver and giver of love. 

Remember your ‘Why’ really remember it.  It does not include a product or service, it includes you and your loved ones.  Remember to live now, too.

Bessie Mathis

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  • Top Member

    Your post was very good Bessie and I look forward to reading more from you.

  • Terry, you have made me feel great by featuring this post.  Merle Gibbons and Dr. F Gianmichael Salvato -- your attention and appreciation are soothing -- thank you for that. 

  • Excellent Bessie, I have had my years with my children but still try not to take on too much at one time as I also need time with the grandchildren.  So true what you say.  Thank you for this great advice.

  • Top Member

    Oh wow Bessie you surely nailed it in this post. I recommend everyone to give it a read. Sharing it everywhere Bessie. Have a great weekend.

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