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Started an Internet business and wondering how to maximize your profit and earn more?

You’ve tried other techniques to expand your Internetbusinessempire, but the profit you earned by using other techniques are not satisfying?

Are you stumped on ideas on how to maximize profit?


The other techniques only caused you to spend more money on advertising, but bring only revenue that is only enough for you to cover up the money that you’d spent on the advertising.

Today I am writting a new tip on how to solve some of these problems. Implement these tips in your Internet business; you are going to be surprised by the results!

The best part is, you do not need to wait for long time, and you can see the result almost instantly.

Here is a new tip:

Conduct Affiliate Contest

While the other Internet marketers promote your product launches for you, you can give some rewards to them by conducting affiliate contestsin your affiliate program.

Reward those who can bring in the most sales.

This could be a motivator for the affiliates to work harder.

Next, where do weannounce the affiliate contest? The answer is in your affiliate page. Other than preparing them the promotional tools, your affiliate page takes up the function of announcing whatever you prepare for your affiliates.

Besides showing them the sales copy for evaluation purposes, the sales funnel to show the commission scheme, you can announce the affiliate contest in your affiliate program in your affiliate page as well.

Of course, most importantly show them what the rewards are for the top 3 super affiliates that bring in the most sales.

The trick of conducting affiliate contest isn’t only to reward and have a better relationship with the existed Internet marketers in your circle; you can attract more affiliates to promote your launch as well.

Would you like more of these tips?



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