Attraction Marketing: How To Brand Yourself

you inc imageA lot of Network Marketers feel that Attraction Marketing is a Waste Of Time. Some say that they don't have the time to create content, video, articles etc then to wait for Leads to come in.  Most don't realize that this strategy does work, and if they only knew how to use it, they will have results. In this blog post I will explain why ALL Leaders use this strategy to make life changing incomes.

Before I get into the meaning of Attraction Marketing and How To Brand Yourself, I have a great example for you.  My mentor Lisa Rimas told me this and it totally made sense to me. Think of 3 Brands that you know and after you identify them, how do they make you feel? For me I thought of Apple and because I love technology it totally made sense to me. Every time I think of technology I think of how Apple has created products that has changed the world of electronics. They started with a computer then grew into IPOD, IPAD, IPhone etc.

There is a quote that totally makes sense why I think Apple is very successful at what they do. "People don't buy what you do but Why you do it", quote by Simon Sinek. That quote is so powerful, he explains that while other companies are talking about the product First then talk about Why they do what they do. While Apple following the quote, they have created a Icon in the technology industry and is now growing by leaps and bounds. They have built a Trust with their customers and they now can produce anything and most will buy their products. Even though they have a lot of competition, it's about Why they do it and the results show it in the products they produce. 

The same concept applies when building your network marketing business. It's called Attraction Marketing! When you have built Your Brand and people trust you, you can introduce anything and people will buy from you. You must know How To brand Yourself in your niche in order for this strategy to work.  Most people make the mistake by posting their Network Marketing Company on their FaceBook wall or Banner. Are you branding yourself or your company? Look at other Leaders in the industry, are they promoting themselves or another brand ( Network Marketing Company )? I talk about this in detail on my FaceBook Training Series Click Here.

Target Market

You must identify your Target Market which would be other Network Marketers. When building a network marketing business you don't want to talk to the wrong people. You want to talk to the people that are looking for a home based business or are already involved in one. The worst thing you can do is to listen to the people that say "If you throw enough Darts on the wall Good ones will fall in the Target". That is a Myth. You want Quality NOT Quantity.


After identifying your Target audience you must create content that talks about what they are looking for. Network Marketers and people that are looking for a home based business want success. They are looking for ways to talk to enough people, learn to get traffic to them and learn how to recruit people into their business. After understanding what your target market wants, you want to create content that gives them education and Value. This positions you as an expert and you now become the go to person for that.

Attract The Right People

After you identified your target market and you have created content to solve their problems they will start looking at you as a attraction marketing image 2Leader and an Expert. Over time the Right people will start to follow you, then start to ask you what do you do. This goes back to the quote "People buy Why you do it, Not what you do"Attraction Marketing. You will start to Attract the people that have similar thoughts and desires to you. If you are putting out Money, you will Attract that. If you put out Value, you will Attract that.


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Attraction Marketing | How To Brand Yourself

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