Attraction Of Personality

The Daily Meditation 07.24.2013

Attraction Of Personality

Ernest Holmes, Founder


Every business, every place, every person, every thing has a certain mental atmosphere of its own. This atmosphere decides what is to be drawn to it. for instance, you never saw a successful man who went around with an atmosphere of failure. Successful people think about success. A successful man is filled with that subtle something which permeates everything that he does with an atmosphere of confidence and strength. The man who says of himself, “I have no personality with which to attract people, ” has been laboring under a delusion. He needs to be disillusioned. He must be shown that there is but One Person; this Person is manifested through every living soul. It is THE Personality. It is Complete. 

The ones to whom we are most strongly attracted are not necessarily the ones who are the most beautiful physically, but are the ones from whom we receive that subtle emanation, “that something.” What is that something? It is that which emanates from within. It is the inner recognition of Reality. 

Now we know, and knowing means using the Law in  constructive way, “I and my Father are one.” This is strength for the weak and life for all who believe. We can so fill ourselves wit the drawing power of attraction that it will become irresistible. Nothing can hinder the man who knows that he is dealing with the One Power that creates all from Itself, moves all with Itself, and yet holds everything in its place. One with the Infinite Mind. One with the personality of God. We should let this ring through our mind each day, many times each day, until we shall never again say, “I  have  no personality.” We have all Personality!

“Science of Mind” Page 296

Ernest Holmes was the Founder of Religious Science, now called Centers for Spirtual Living

Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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