Jeff Altman & Michelangelo Chat

Jeff Altman & Michelangelo Chat

Backyard Chat with Jeff Altman


Our Team leader has a very informative ‘backyard’ chat with former pilot, Jeff Altman.  This is all about realizing that you do not have to be ‘special’ or from the ‘sales’ mode in order to succeed with Empower Network.  Anybody with any background can do Empower Network.

The truth is that Empower Network is one of the easiest vehicles to finally succeed in.   Michelangelo talks to Jeff Altman about the importance of ‘List Building’ and make no mistake about it…

Your success is all about ‘Collecting Emails’ known to Internet Marketers as List Building.

Jeff Altman talks about how Empower Network helped him make more more in 6 weeks than all his past MLM ventures.


Collect emails and make money!

Simple 2 Step Formula

helping normal people

make serious money…


Just like Michelangelo Lopez & Jeff Altman talk about in the video below,when you join our team you will suceed.

No one is left behind!

In my own opinion and just you will hear Michelangelo Lopez & Jeff Altman talk about in the video,Empower Network is by far the best business going today.

I think it may well be the best in the history of online marketing and listening to Jeff Altman I’m not alone.


I think Michelangelo Lopez is the best sponsor I’ve come across in my 4 years online.

If your smart and I know you are and know a good thing when you see it you will Join our team after hearing Michelangelo Lopez & Jeff Altman.

You must be crazy to turn 100% commissions and our automated system!

We encourage you to watch the video below and we promise you are going to get a lot of ‘nuggets’.

Jeff Altman & Michelangelo Chat

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  • Your Welcome Judy

  • Thank you for sharing this excellent post Timothy.

  • Guessed that Timothy.

  • I know he stays very busy,because all he does for his team,the best sponsor I have ever had,although I had plenty of experience before I joined him so I know the value in what he gives.

  • Thank you for sharing this interesting post with us.  I don't hear much from Michaelangelo these days.  Must be very busy.  Will share for you.

  • Thanks Terri and yes,very interesting read

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    Very nice of you to share this information with everyone here. BTW did you finish the ebook yet?

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