Becoming A Willing Vessel

Becoming a ‘Willing Vessel’ comes from making a Commitment to God for any Cause of His Choice.  


Each of us needs to come to the understanding that God never willed that we should be less than what He has purposed us to be.  He has the ability to use each of us in any area of His choice,  if, we choose to become a ‘Willing Vessel.”

Remember this always:  If God can use a donkey, He can most definitely use you, provided you are acceptance to His will for your life and are willing and obedient to His instructions.

It has been said that God uses Willing Vessels, not brimming vessels.  There must be room at the top for the Spirit of God to lead you and guide you.  Because He is no respecter of persons, He can and will use you if you are Willing to take the sacrifice of obedience and commitment to the cause He has in store for you.


God is a people person and He is always thinking of His people and caring for their needs. He does this by using individuals, such as you and I.

There is no excuse for saying that you are not good enough.  Below you will find a list of ordinary people who were not perfect, but used by God for His purpose.

Willing Vessels List:

1.    Aaron, a servant who became God’s spokesman

2.   Abraham, a nomad, who became the Father of many nations

3.   David, a shepherd boy, who became a King

4.   Deborah, a housewife, who became a Judge

5.   Elijah, a homely man, who became a mighty Prophet

6.   Esther, an orphan, who became a Queen

7.   Gideon, a common laborer, who became a valiant Leader

8.   Hezekiah, a son of an idolatrous father, who became a King renowned for doing right             in the sight of the Lord

9.   Hosea, a marital failure, who prophesied to save Israel

10.  Isaiah, a man of unclean lips, who prophesied the birth of God’s Messiah

11.  Jacob, a deceiver, whose name became Israel, as well as, a refugee, who became the              father of 12 tribes of Israel

12.  James/John, fishermen, who became close disciples of Christ and were known as the            “Sons of thunder”

13.  Jeremiah, a child, who fearlessly spoke the Word of God

14.  John the Baptist, a vagabond, who became the forerunner of Jesus

15.  Joseph, a prisoner, who became Prime Minister

16.  Joshua, an assistant who became a Conqueror

17.  Mary, an unknown virgin, who gave birth to the son of God

18.  Matthew, a government employee who became an Apostle

19.  Moses, a stutterer, who became a Deliverer

20.  Nehemiah, a cup-bearer, who built the Wall of Jerusalem

21.  Nicodemus, a Pharisee, who became a Defender of the Faith

22.  Paul, a persecutor, who became the greatest Missionary in history and Author of                    2/3′s of the New Testament

23.  Peter, a businessman, who became the rock on which Christ built the Church

24.  Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego, Hebrew exiles, who became great Leaders of                    the Nation of Babylon




Therefore, in order for you to become a Willing Vessel you must be willing to give “all of yourself” by becoming a person of obedience, endurance, dedication, commitment and persistent in the Service of God.  As you continue to give of yourself, God will willingly give to you much more than you could ever imagine.

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  • Excellent post Angela, thanks for sharing.

  • Top Member

    When you listen and obey God, he will direct your steps as he did in the past with those you listed above. They were faithful and obedient as we should all be and he will take care of us all if we let him. Shared via Syndication Automation and Pinterest.

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