Becoming Debt Free Nice and Easy!

It has been said that becoming debt free isn’t all that easy, but what I am finding out is that the steps you need to take really are that easy. The hard part is really just doing it. You know, sort of like sitting down to just write when you are writing a book but you just keep putting it off.

What matters most when it comes to debt is that you can take an honest look at yourself, be real with yourself about where you are and then make your move to a better life by taking the first step. So, what is that first step and what comes later?

While the first step may be pulling that credit report, keep in mind that you also need to make sure that you take a good look at how much you eat out and how you are spending the money you do have. Today, I want to share with you some simple steps to becoming debt free, and yes the steps are nice and easy and will help you make progress starting NOW!

Becoming Debt Free with More Simple Steps

Once you get real with yourself about how much you are spending and who you owe money to, you can come up with a real payment plan. This is important because you need to recognize where you are to figure out where you are going. How much are you spending? That is a great question.

Target a specific debt. Becoming debt free is often a challenge until you start paying down that highest interest debt first. Once you do, things get a bit easier and you get lower payments over time. It works, trust me!

You should also consider the following steps like:

  1. Consolidating debt with a small loan if you can or a balance transfer but only if it’s zero percent interest!
  2. While it seems unfavorable you could certainly settle your balances-just ask if they plan to send you a 1099 and consider it income
  3. You can also try credit counseling to help you get your interest rates cut in half if not more
  4. While I don’t encourage filing for bankruptcy it has been a saving grace for those with extensive medical problems that cannot work and get no assistance
  5. Last but certainly not least, attempt to pay cash for everything!

It’s so important that you start at the beginning and do what you can to pay down and pay off debt. You’ll be so glad you did work on that high interest debt when you are able to pay debt down and pay it off!

Becoming Debt Free is Rewarding

Don’t ever doubt that getting rid of debt is a key to a peaceful life. You’ll understand that down the road when you finally get rid of it all. It’s important that you break through and get rid of any debt you have right now so that you can get it off of your shoulders and breathe.

It has been said that being in debt is like being a slave. It is until you pay it off. Creditors tell you what you have to pay because they tell you what you owe and that is the end of it. Don’t let this happen to you. You can get out from under it if you play your cards right and follow the steps above.

I hope that you found these steps to becoming debt free helpful, and that you’ll rise above what others tell you just isn’t possible. 

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  • Thanks for sharing James and I can relate to this.  Been there, done it and got the T shirt !!  Not a nice thing to go through.

  • James, thanks for sharing this information about  becoming debt free.  Many will benefit by reading it.  I will share.

  • Terri Thank you so much. Empowering people is a great thing.

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    James this is informative and a great benefit to those who wish to become debt free. Liked and shared on Google plus and it has been shared via Syndication Automation.

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