Being A Workaholic

Being A Workaholic


  When I first started working in fast food I had other co-workers wanting me to take care of customer issues or had to do paperwork because supervisor got busy. I even went in on my days off and helped them. We always did something together  after we closed after I had helped them. so that was pretty cool.  

 In security I always thought it was funny because I had co-workers asking for my help when someone doesn't want to listen to the guards I would go and tell that  person you either do as your told or you will wish you had. I look at it this way, It's either you do it or else because I will not get myself in trouble for not making you    fallow the rules.

One example is, San Diego was in the process of building the largest open mall and the construction workers didn't like to park far from buildings but we were told to make them park away from it. They would lie to us and say we will just be  here for a few and then end up being for hrs. I told them if I see you there longer    then a few mins I'll report it and your truck will get toweled. Some guys thought I was just talking so I proved it to them and they got so mad I got to hear it everytime they  passed me. HAHA I told them hey let my boss know it was me so maybe I can get a raise haha

There were times I worked so many hrs that when I did get a chance to  have a day off I didn't know what to do to have fun. My best friend he would get  mad because I worked to much and didn't see him much. He was my roommate and  my best friend. He used to be a cop so he  would give me pointers on what to look for  while working in security. He was always protective of me like a big brother.  

 When I started working for a cleaning company I was the one who they sent to clean the new buildings they just signed up with. I ended up getting the supervisor position  later on and no one liked it so I had to do my jobs and some of theirs because they  wouldn't work. They all had the chance but no one wanted the position but I love to  work. I was working day and at night. I always had two jobs at once.  I worked for two  security companies at the sametime,in this cleaning company I was a supervisor for  two court houses, I was cleaning a watch tower and building for an airport,I was also  cleaning a big church that had three buildings and all had several floors to clean. So I stayed busy all the time.   

My point to this story is it's great to be a hard worker but over doing it I did learn  that it can make you sick. You miss out on the good things in life. You should enjoy life and not worry about working allday and night to be successful.

  That's why when I started Plexus Slim I knew I could do more and enjoy life more  because it gives me the chance to grow  with the company and have fun at the  sametime. In fact I can do all the things I ever wanted to do that I wasn't able to  do then. To be honest with you I'm done working for other companies to help them get richer and I stay at low wages.

If you want to go far in life you gotta make it happen no one else will do it for you. 

   Here is a Plexus Testimony to share with you:  

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counting calories, no chalky shakes, no meal replacements and no special diet!! 

Thank you for reading and have a bless day      


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  • Great story DeAnn and one I can relate to.  I was always called a workaholic as I would do a 9-5 job and then work in a bar every night.  I loved what I did but as you say you can get sick - and I did !!  I worked long hours in one job for 6 months and lost three and a half stone in weight and got a lung infections all from being run down.  Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Top Member

    No one will do it for you. Awesome post with a powerful sentence at the end. Build networks (relationships) and your business will grow in the process. This is what people should be doing online. It's not one big pitch fest and when people realize that the better off it will be for them. Thank you DeAnn for being in the community and sharing your awesome blog post with us. I am sharing this for massively for many more to read.

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