Being The Example For The World

Being The Example For The World

We believe that we all have the power to make a difference. Whether its supporting various charities around the world, reducing our carbon footprint, creating jobs by creating a cleaner safer environment or finally giving struggling families everywhere the chance to achieve the American dream.

We created Mission to Millions to put the power to give in the hands of our customers, allowing us to collectively create a significant impact for causes we care about most. When you sign up for any of our products, select your charity of choice from our featured list of partners. We'll then begin donating $1 on your behalf every month you remain a customer with us. Together, we have the power to donate millions to causes that need our help the most. NAP has donated close to a half a million dollars to charities so far this year.

We believe everybody deserves a break. That's why we're committed to giving you the lowest rates we can on all of our products. And each of our products comes with our sustainable energy commitment - part if not all of the electricity and gas you receive will be invested in renewable resources and carbon offsets. We also offer fixed rates that will allow you to determine how much you save for your utilities.

We offer anyone and everyone the chance to be a part of our NO RISK NO INVESTMENT MODEL. There are a-lot families struggling just pay their Electric or Gas bills. Have you ever heard of an electric company that pays you?

Simply by sharing with friends, family, and neighbors you could unlock unlimited earning potential. How would you like to have your electricity paid for? How about earning enough for a new car? What about taking your family on vacation? We believe by simply sharing the good, you should be rewarded, that's why we offer customer referral rewards. linkarrow.gif

Being an example is a tough job but I was able to be apart of of company that makes it so simple just by doing well by others no matter what. linkarrow.gif

Thanks for allowing me to me share my passion for the Power of Choice. I hope you will at least take a close look at our company and maybe choose to be a partner. Join the "We Win Big " Team today. linkarrow.gif

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