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Gods Grace
Gods Grace


The credit bureaus try to predict your future by looking at your past.This is the way the world operates.They judge you by what happened in the past.But Gods Grace is not interested in what you did yesterday.Gods Grace is only interested in what your doing today.
Simply believe in Gods Grace and act on his word being revealed to you.
It’s no accident that Gods Grace brought you here.It was planned by Gods Grace.God sent us into your life to confirm his word.
I believe from the revelation of the holy spirit that you are at a major turning point,and you are not going to stay where your are or where you have been.In faith I believe that important events will happen in an unexpected way.
Many things that you thought were so precious in the past,have now become clutter.Like it or not you must go through changes.You have to say goodbye to yesterday because you are going into tomorrow.
You don’t belong in yesterday anymore. Gods Grace has something better for you.It is a tomorrow with new hopes and dreams.You need the anointing of the Holy Spirit because the tomorrow you are going into is a place you have never lived before.
Tomorrow can hold no fear ,when you have the Holy Spirit and Gods Grace working with you today.

The Bible Clearly States Gods Grace And Explains To All Of Us What To Expect In Our Future

God’s Holy Word all the events we are seeing today.In the 24th chapter of St. Matthew,the bible tells us about earthquakes,floods,droughts,wars and famines,but in the midst of all this,Gods Grace tells us that a revival of his Holy power will be poured out upon his church of believers,and it is happening through Gods Grace as we speak.

God Bless,
Timothy Eller
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  • Thanks Ann,I can name numerous times that I have realized that God has given me his gifts and grace.

  • Excellent article Timothy.  For sure God's Grace will take you from the Rut and draw you into the heavens.  Liked and Shared.

  • Thanks Christine!

  • Great post Timothy. Everything you need and want it right there in the bible you just have to learn to believe and trust in God's word. 

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