Benefits Of " Law Of Attraction ".

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Like Gets Like And Hate Gets Hate, In Other Words – “ Positive Feelings Get Positive Results And Negative Feelings Get Negative Results “.To Be More Simple, If You Are On Social Medias, You Know The More Your Likes And Comments You Also Get Likes And Comments. More Static You Are,The Less Likes And Comments For You. 

This Belief Is Based Upon The Idea That People And Their Thoughts Are Both Made From "Pure Energy", And The Belief That Like Energy Attracts Like Energy.

The Law Of Attraction Is The Name Given To The Maxim "Like Attracts Like" Which In New Thought Philosophy Is Used To Sum Up The Idea That By Focusing On Positive Or Negative Thoughts A Person Brings Positive Or Negative Experiences Into Their Life. It Means That People Are Going To Experience The Manifestations Of Their Thoughts And Their Feelings. The Way That A Person Thinks And Feels In Life Is Going To Be From All Of The Feelings That They Deal With In Life And All That Happens To Them.  

Though The Term Law Of Attraction Existed Pre 20th Century It Was Never Mentioned. The Term 'Law Of Attraction' Appeared In Print For The First Time In 1887, In A Book Written By Helena Blavatsky. The 20th Century Saw A Surge In Interest In The Subject With Many Books Being Written About It, The Best Being The Best Seller – “ Think And Grow Rich “ By Napoleon Hill.

The Law Of Attraction Works Universally On Every Plane Of Action, And We Attract Whatever We Desire Or Expect. If We Desire One Thing And Expect Another, It Is A Going To Have A Negative Impact. 

There Are Many Benefits Connected To The Law Of Attraction, Your Financial Success, Achieving Your Goals, Health Benefits And More..........

As A Final Note : As In Any Belief, There Are Pro And Con Theories To This Also. It Is For You To Decide Whether To Believe In Law Of Attraction.  

To Your Success


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    Great list of benefits on the Law of Attraction. I believe in it and have a lot to show for believing in it. As you said it's up to each person to decide if they do, if they don't it won't be benefit them. Shared via Syndication Automation to all the top social sites. I will be reposting on the Syndication Express blog. Have a great week Vasanti.

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