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In a fast-developing world of today, business growth plans may cost much, but it need not always be the case. Even with a limited company budget, compromising your goal is out of the question. There is a number of cheap ways  you can improve visibility of your business, such as implementing some online marketing strategies, and the like. In the following few lines you will read marketing tips and tactics which you can employ in order for your business to prosper.

Go Online

The first step in optimising search engines and improving your company visibility would be to submit your business information to major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Not only is it easy, but free as well! This way, you will significantly improve the chances of getting noticed by your potential customers and improve your sales rates. Google+ offers a Google My Business page which will instantly make your company visible on Google Maps as well. Yahoo and Bing have similar services, like Bing Places for Business page, whereas Yahoo is still planning to develop their strategy of the former Yahoo Listings. Once this option re-appears, having your company listed for free in the Big Three and developing stronger presence in the online world will definitely help your business get noticed.


Another low-cost option for increasing sales and strengthening customer relationships can be to conduct email campaigns. Since there are zero costs, the only thing you should invest is time: time to plan and organise a good business tactics which you can conduct via campaigns twice a month. More frequent campaigns can be treated as spammy, and in order to ensure the climb in response rates, the content should always be informative and relevant, maintained at the highest level at all times. Once you have emails of your customers, you can also distribute e-newsletter on a regular basis, keeping in mind also that you must not be too spammy, in order not to create completely opposite effect and even lose your customers. Another great trick is to use the so called ‘marriage mail’ – which is defined as sending of your ad or coupon together with some other advertiser, and getting your business noticed in specific market areas.  This alternative is much more affordable than the so called ‘stand-alone direct mail’.

Word-of-mouth Marketing

Another cheap and desirable type of marketing is the word-of-mouth strategy. In order to get people talking about your services, you need to give them something to talk about. Try organising an event, a contest, or assemble a group of influencersto act as advisors and to be the first persons to receive feedback information about the new products you are putting on the market. And what is best, these advisers will transmit the message by word of mouth and influence their friends and other acquaintances and will increase the circle of people who know about your business, thus leading to an even greater network of contacts which you can later develop more.

Community Service

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Conduct a research and see what your community needs and sponsor a service project in it. Volunteering is a great strategy for getting yourself visible, so not only will you spend your time and money, but that money will return in piles. For this occasion, you can set up display stands and make your business even more visible. Place your company URL on materials which you can give out, or even on cups from which the visitors are going to drink water. Use social media as much as you can for the project, and become present in all social media. Build your network and it will pay off in near future.

These few pieces of advice can be said to be ‘bullet-proof’, since there is no chance that even one of them will not increase your sales rates. In time, when your budget becomes unlimited, or only bigger, you can try hiring a professional consulting agency or a PR to help you communicate your message, and reach wider audience by employing more complex strategies. A consulting agency can come up with a plan of promoting your visibility and reaching your target audience with all the assets they have.

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