Blessing Others

Blessing Others

Have you ever thought about Blessing others? Make it your goal to bless others for no reason? I love to pray and ask God show me who to bless that day. Lord who can I Bless today? As a Christian we should fallow Jesus's footsteps and help others and not expect anything back. We are the Lord's children so we should help each other when we see a chance to help someone.

Being selfish or not caring for others is not being Godly. If you look at it like this, if you needed help wouldn't you like for others go out of their way and help you?

I like that word paying it forward. I'm a giving person. I love to help anyone anytime I see a chance to. I have a friend I saw she needed help and I always help her family when I can. I care about them like if they were family. She has never had a friend that helped her so much I was told she thinks I have a crush on her. haha how funny.

Is there a limit to helping others so they don't get the wrong Idea? I don't think there should be a limit unless they have stolen from you. That is when I don't try as hard to help that person. But as a Christian I will help anyone.

When the time comes and our heavenly father asks me why didn't I help someone when he put them in my life to help? The Lord places people in each others lifes for a reason. If you see a homeless person and you see they need food do you ignore and walk away or do you buy or give them food and tell them have a bless day? I will never give a homeless person money but I will give them food. I used to give them money before and in front of my kids to teach my kids how we should help others. I had money thrown back at me because it was not enough for them to get beer. I said I will not help you buy beer but can get you food. I told my kids after they saw that people in that situation mostly want to do bad things like drink liquir or do drugs. I like to show them doing drugs and drinking liquir is the wrong path to go. It just messes up your life.

I plan on blessing folks at my church in a few months. My pastor is the only preacher who listened to me when I told him I wanted to get closer with the Lord and that I felt it was time for me to get baptized. Other Preachers ignored me. I was praying one day after church and I told the Lord whatever he wants me to do I will do it. I said I will not give you a maybe or i'll try. I will not ignore what he wants me to do for him.The Lord told me he wants me to pay the church off. He told me to give them a challenge.

The challenge is for everyone to go to church everytime the doors are open. And sign a paper showing they were there that day. He told me to have a new car there. I said Lord who is the car for? Do I use it in a raffle? He would not give me an answer until one day he did. One of the sisters is a faithful Christian and she needs a car. Her car rolls when you get it out of park before she even starts the car. Her car is not safe to drive I think. He also said to give them a meal after each service. He wants me to give them gift cards and more. Each service do something and talk about giving and receiving blessings. Who did you bless today or that week? Who has blessed you?

He also said he wants them to see the difference of going to church and not going. You will be blessed more by going rather then not going at all. Our father wants to bless us so much but it's up to us to show him our love for him. He shows his love for us 24/7 but do you really think about how much love do you give him? Do you talk to him daily? Do you go to him and thank him? Do you read the Bible- the book of life is what I like to call it because it basically is. We have to grow and be a better person daily.

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Thank You and God Bless

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