Blog monetization is something that most bloggers don't ever think about. But, of course, they should.

Blogging may be a passion, or it may be something of business thinks it's supposed to do… but a few bloggers actually consider the end goal of writing a blog. And while monetization may not always be the end goal, it certainly should not be overlooked.

blog monetization

In addition to the three blog monetization methods I outlined in the video, here are a few more:

Banner and Text Ads (sold directly - not though an ad network)
Paid Membership Section
Sponsored Posts
Paid Review Posts
Access to Premium Content 

As I promised above, you can find almost every major ad network, Aside from Google, under one on umbrella. Simply visit and take a look around.

And, now that you have a better idea of just how to benefit from blog monetization (again, I’ve just scratched the surface here), you may want to check this out.

blog monetization