business women holding a pencilIf I had a dollar for every time I got this question, " how do you create content for your mlm blog? ", I would probably have 1 million dollars just from that question. If you are confused or just run out of things to talk about on your MLM blog then this post is for you. Even if you are a veteran, love to write or just a very consistent blogger and need help with content creation this post is for you as well. In this blog post I going to share blogging tips of 3 ways how you can create blog content on a consistent basis.

1. Personal Development

One of my favorite ways to create content is through Personal Development. As you are reading, listening to CD's, mp3 etc etc you can create content based on what you got from it. As you go through your day you will be hit with Negative people and Negative energy all day. The best way to protect your brain from all that energy would be to swim as much as possible in Personal Development. All Leaders spend at least 30-60 minutes per day in Personal Development and as you read and/or listen take what you get from it, Apply it then create content.

2. Follow Other Bloggers

My second best way to create content is to follow other successful bloggers. I follow Ray Higdon and I'm sure if you are a Network Marketer you know who he is. He pours out pure Value almost everyday and that is where I get most of my content. As a matter of fact if you Love this blog, because of the Value that I bring, go ahead and subscribe to my RSS feed or opt into the box to your right of this post and you will receive updates every week. Watching other successful bloggers will give you ideas on what topics to talk about and make you a better blogger. Take what you learn here, Apply it then create content for your MLM blog.

3. Weekly Educational Webinars

My third best way to create content for your MLM blog is to become a student of your craft. You should be attending weekly webinars, calls and/or meetings to educate yourself on strategies how to build your business online as well as offline. If you want to keep up with the times you Must increase your Knowledge and learn what new out there. Make sure that you get plugged in, Learn the strategies taught, Apply it then create content about what you learned. To get weekly webinars sent to your inbox each and every week opt into the box to the right or Click Here.

If you noticed that every strategy to create content for MLM blog ends with Learn it, Apply it, Then Create blog successContent for your MLM blog. It doesn't say LEARN IT THEN TEACH IT, which most Network Marketers do. Understand that people will start to follow you as long as you add Value to your target market, but if you Just become a Teacher then your followers will leave you. They will sense that what you are talking about, You are not Applying But you are trying to teach it. Leaders Lead by showing others what to do, NOT by Telling them what to do.  You must Learn, Do and Teach! There is nothing better than a testimonial on what you learned helped you and you are now sharing it with the Masses. I did a blog post months ago about people becoming Teachers in this industry and why you shouldn't Just be a teacher. Click here to read it.

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