syndication image 2In part 1 of my blogging tips how to syndicate your blog posts I talk about several key strategies before you syndicate your posts. If you haven't gone through part 1 Click here. In this post, Part 2 I will be going over the rest of my syndication of my blog posts to get FaceBook Likes, Shares, Tweets, Google Plus shares, Linkedin shares and most important Comments to your blog.

In Part 1 I talk about the importance of Keyword Research, you can get access to a full webinar how to use the Google Keyword Tool now the Google Keyword Planner, Click Here. I talk about connecting with a partner to help syndicate your blog posts and make sure you do the same for them. I talk about the importance of picking the right FaceBook groups to post your blog posts. I also talked about the Backlink tool that I use Social Monkee to get backlinks to my blog and videos. You can get that tool by Clicking Here.

joan harrington

Again I want to give my good friend Joan Harrington THANKS for showing me how to syndicate my blog posts and allowing me to share this knowledge with you. Please go over to her blog and take a look at what Value she is bringing, comment and share her content. You can get access to her blog by Clicking Here.

In this blog post I'm going to finish the rest of my blogging tips how to syndicate your blog posts.


Very simple to use, all you need to do before pinning your posts is to set up a generic board where you will be pinning all of your blog content. In my Pinterest account I have several boards and the one that I created is called Attraction Marketing | Lead Generation. All my blog posts gets pinned to that board with just 1 click with the pin it plugin. One thing I do add is a my link to that blog post that I'm syndictating in the description.


Another very simple sharing tool, all you need to do is hit the Tweet button on your plug in and it lays out the title, blog name and link to the blog. Hit share and it shares the blog post on your Twitter account. As followers see it on the feed they will click and ReTweet your blog posts.

Google Plus

I love this social site, not a lot of people utilize it to share their content. Just as in Part 1 I talk about grabbing a few sentences then adding your link and pasting into your share box, the same applies to Google Plus. After you put your content on your profile make sure you pick the circles that you want looking at that content. Next take that same content and post into the communities that are relevant to your content. Join communites that have to do with blogging and Value marketing and post your content there. This will increase your Google Plus shares BIG TIME!


Another favorite social site I love to use to syndicate blog post content. In case you didn't know Linkedin is a social network with linkedin imageprofessional business people mostly and if you are sharing Value it will go a long way on this site. The same applies what you do on FaceBook and Google Plus except you can only put up to 200 characters in the share box. What I like to do is I only post the link ONLY and it automatically populates a sample of the blog in my profile and in the generic groups that I'm part of. When someone comments here you can tell it came from Linkedin because of the type of people and their backgrounds.

Syndication Express

Last but not least, this is by far the best way to get your content out. It's a blogging social website that shares your blog content as well as others each and everyday to your email. All you need to do is click on the Blog tab, click on Add button, copy and paste your blog post, title and tags and you are done. I suggest to add friends everyday so that can increase your views to you posts. I get a lot of likes and comments from this social site alone.

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