Blogging Tips: How To Syndicate Your Blog Posts

syndication imageHave you ever wondered how some bloggers out there on the internet are getting their Blog to go Viral? There is a misconception that you need to Blog daily for your posts to go Viral. Although there are a lot of network marketers blogging daily and they are getting Massive traffic to their blog, they are also syndicating their content to get it to go Viral. In this Blog post you will learn my blogging tips, how to syndicate your blog posts.

Before I get into my blogging tips how to syndicate your blog posts let me tell you my background in Blogging. I have been blogging for a couple of years and back in 2012 I hired a guest blogger to make blog posts 5 days per week. My Alexa score at the time was over 2,000,000 which in my opinion SUCKS. After 90 days and even more my Alexa score came down under 450,000 which I was showing up on the first and second page of Google for certain Keywords. After reaching this goal I realized that I wasn't getting any shares nor comments so I stopped blogging for about 4-5 months.

I recently came back to the blogging world about 3-4 months ago with a different vision, how to syndicate my blog post to get my Alexa score down, get shares and get comments. My blog went from 5,000,000 on Alexa down to 510,681 in just about 3-4 months only blogging once per week consistently. I'm now getting FaceBook shares, Google Plus, Tweets and comments to every one of my blog posts. Now I'm going to show you how to syndicate your blog posts.


joan harrington

Joan Harrington

Before I dive into my Blogging tips, how to syndicate your blog post I want to give credit to where credit is due and I learned all about this from my good friend Joan Harrington. She is the Queen when it comes to getting her blog posts VIRAL with FaceBook shares, Likes, Tweets, Google + and comments. Please go over to her Blog after this training and give her credit for everything that I'm going to teach you in this series.




Target Audience

It's very important that you know who your Target audience is and what they want. Click here to access my blog post how I talk about having a Target Market. I see so many people bogging just to blog but have no Target Audience and they get no where. You must have a clear vision to whom you are speaking to and what they are looking for.

Build Your List

After you have identified your target market you must blog about topics of what they are looking for. I wrote a blog post how to create content for your blog, Click here. Now you must blog for a purpose Not only to give Value to your audience But to build your List. You can blog all day everyday But if you are Not building a list of subscribers YOU ARE WASTING TIME. The money is in the List, this is not a Myth, it's true.

Find A Keyword

After you have your content ready to post on your blog you must target a Keyword. In order to rank on Google and other search engines it's important to target a specific keyword. I use a Free tool called the Google Keyword Planner formally the Google Keyword Tool. This tool is very simple to use and you can find out which keywords are getting the most traffic for your specific blog post. I have a webinar that you can watch that dives into the tool and how you can use it to rank All Over Google and other search engines for your blog post, Click Here.

Post Your Content On FaceBook Groups

The best way to get FaceBook shares for your blog post is to post your content into 10-20 groups within your niche. It must be facebook group imgewhere your target audience hangs out and make sure they are groups that are 2,000 max, less is better so that your content doesn't get swallowed by the news feed. Make sure you partner with another blogger so that you can help each other share content on FaceBook to syndicate your blog posts. Join syndication groups to help with getting shares and comments to your blog posts, also make sure you return the favor.


Watch this training video below on my Blogging Tips How To Syndicate Your Blog Posts

Look out for more content on my Blogging Tips How To Syndicate Your Blog Posts next week. If this blog post and training video has brought you Value please share this with all of your friends.

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    Great post George. I have shared it on Facebook and tweeted. One thing I recommend you do. You should use anchor texts with a keyword or keyword phrase which will give you a one way backlink since you are directing the reader to your blog. This will work better to help your blog to get backlinks when someone clicks the link. After all this is the purpose of Syndication Express. Glad to have you in the community.

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