Blogging – Where Are Your Ethics?

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It is a fact that we live in an age where a lot of people are relying on bloggers and blog sites for information that is helpful and applicable to their everyday living. It seems that whenever we surf the internet, we see blogs, blogs and more blogs.  They are everywhere!  Go ahead, test it out for yourself and see what I am talking about!  Just type the word blog into any search engine and see what happens.  What you will see is millions of results for the word blog.  


In fact, because the popularity of blogs is still increasing, people have actually deemed them as reliable sources of information. This is because a lot of blogs are created by normal everyday people like you and me.  But in the same aspect businesses will also create blogs or blog posts to increase traffic to their business. 

What if you run into factors that are unreliable?  How do you go about fixing the unreliable factors?  In order to do this, it is suggested that all bloggers should adhere to a natural set of blogging rules. These are rules that are not in any way set in stone, but they are basic rules that anyone should follow.  Most of your rules should follow the blogging ethicsguidelines as these are a very important set of ethics to follow.  In applying the rules to your blogging, there are 5 basic rules you should apply to your own site.

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